Places to see in Donetsk

29 February 2012

A foreign guest will surely walk along the central streets of the city, see the alley of monuments on Pushkin boulevard, the park named after Scherbakov and visit Donbas Arena, when he find himself in Donetsk. But there are also many other fine places, interesting monuments and sculptures, parks, pubs and restaurants. We would like you suggest you some places that will impress you.


Donetsk metallurgical plant

city Donets'k, str. Ivana Tkachenko, 122

(0622) 61-20-48
(0622) 61-23-47
(0622) 61-20-38
(0622) 61-23-09

Metallurgy and Metalworking

First of all, Donetsk is the major industrial center. To feel all of its industrial might you need to look at the panorama of the largest steel plant in Donetsk.



city Donets'k, str. Cheliuskintsev, 189E, near the "Donbass Arena"

Sightseeing places

There's an unusual monument in the shape of a large-tonnage ball that may be turned.


Cafe "Fan Cafe"

city Donets'k, str. Cheliuskintsev, 189E, at the first level in the southern part of the "Donbass Arena" (zone B)

(062) 387-81-94

Cafes and Restaurants

A cafe for real football fans located on the first level in the southern part of Donbas Arena stadium.


The Tsar Cannon

city Donets'k, str. Artema, 98

Sightseeing places

A copy of famous Tsar-cannon in Moscow. 20 tons cannon of the highest caliber was given by Moscow city.


Bochum bell

city Donets'k, str. Artema, 98

Sightseeing places

A ten times smaller copy of the original bell. It was given by the twin city of Donetsk, the city of Bochum.


Monument to Sergey Bubka

city Donets'k, str. Cheliuskintsev, 198B

Sightseeing places

The monument to a famous Ukrainian athlete and pole vaulter. He was the first man, who managed to jump higher than six meters.


Quay Kalmius

city Donets'k, str. Naberezhnaya

Sightseeing places

Even a major industrial megacity has its own silent islands of nature.


Club-bar "Svynia"

Donets'k city, Pushkina blvd., 13

(062) 345-69-49

Bars and pubs

The bar is famous for a pig named Modest, which lives there. In the evenings it shows tricks on the dance floor.


Bar "Biker's bar"

city Donets'k, str. Artema, 123

(062) 345-05-38

Cafes and Restaurants

By the entrance to the bar you'll meet huge handlebars of the motorcycle. And interior is also no less original.


Restaurant "Pervak​​"

Donets'k city, Artema str., 87

(062) 210-88-88

Cafes and Restaurants

Dumplings, cabbage rolls, Ukrainian borsch and other ethnic dishes can be tasted in the ethno-restaurant "Pervak​​".

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