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Wi-Fi access points in the city

24 October 2011
Do you need the Internet, and there is no access to it? How often have you encountered such a situation? To avoid it in the future, we propose to you to use this selection to know where there is a wireless network wi-fi and to have an opportunity to use it. There is not a huge number of access points in the city, but we hope, their number will be permanently increasing.

Businesses on the list: Hotel "Zabava", Hotel "Nadiia", Hotel "Chornyi zamok", Hotel "Park-Hotel" and 8 more companies...


Vacation in Ivano-Frankovsk

24 October 2011
For those who like to travel around Ukraine, we offer to schedule for May weekends trip to Ivano-Frankivsk region. You can stay in the regional center, and from there go to the museums and learn about local attractions. This region is rich in picturesque landscapes, architectural monuments, clean air, mineral water. You can get acquainted with national traditions and folklore, and not by hearsay ensure hospitality of local residents.

Ivano-Frankivsk hotels

08 October 2011

Ivano-Frankivsk is nothing like the other cities on Earth. Small center streets, houses decorated by little statues, and bas-reliefs, the town hall, the central square, Roman Catholic churches make the atmosphere of old times and shelter. The hospitality of residents will make you to come back here again. Only little thing left is to find a place to stay. There are not many hotels in town, but you will feel yourself as a welcome visitor. Prices are not high, the food is tasty, hotel rooms are clean and tidy.

Businesses on the list: Hotel "Chornyi zamok", Hotel "Druzhba", Hotel "Auskoprut", Hotel "Nyva" and 6 more companies...

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