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Where to work out abs area?

20 March 2012
Commonly, in the springtime a lot of people wish to take care of their appearances more than usual. The reasons may be different – it’s especially nice to be beautiful in spring, and the swimming season isn’t far off. So, if the shaping is a part of your plans, then a comfortable fitness club will be good for you.

Clothes for sports and rest

21 November 2011
If you’re young and full of energy, take care of your health and follow the fashion, we recommend paying attention to our list of the best shops of clothes and footwear for sports and rest. We think you’ll surely find something there because the assortment fully meets the standards of quality and modern trends.

Businesses on the list: Shop "FootTerra", Shop "Intertop", CiaoCacao store, Shop of stylish clothes "Casual" and 2 more companies...


Sports groups for children

24 October 2011
September the 1st has passed, children returned to school and grandparents sighed with relief. Now you have a headache - "How to occupy a child with something after school, the way he would not idle about or sit at the computer?". There is only one way out - sports section! To your attention, we offer a list of sports groups and clubs in Ivano-Frankivsk, where you can take your child.

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