Gifts for March 8?

28 February 2011

March 8 - International Women's Day. Day when every woman simply must feel herself beloved, only and closest. That is time for men to think about what to present for their lovely ladies. Our selection of the most necessary and interesting gifts that Kharkov shops offer will help you.


Internet-shop ""

Kharkiv city, Engel'sa str., 29A, Shop "Evroset"

(057) 764-66-04
(095) 321-68-48
(098) 589-46-89
(063) 196-57-64

Cosmetics and perfumery

Huge selection of elite cosmetics of world leading brands - everyone will find there a gift for March 8.


Brand salon "Chartage"

Kharkiv city, Rozy Liuksemburg sq., 6, Trading center "Pavlovskiy", 2nd floor

(068) 963-61-85


Jewelry and accessories "Chartage" - are combination of classical elegance and beauty, high quality and sophisticated grandeur, as well as ultrafashion design for women of all ages.


Brand store of Kiev jewelry factory

Kharkiv city, Svobody sq., 8

(057) 715-75-04


What woman would refuse of jewelry, and even more of the leader of the Ukrainian market - Kiev jewelry factory.


Store "Yves Rocher"

Kharkiv city, Rozy Liuksemburg sq., 10

(057) 731-32-10
(057) 731-50-40

Cosmetics and perfumery

More than 700 items of means of beauty that was appreciated by more than 30 million women around the world.


LLC "Knygarnia "Ye"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 3

(057) 731-59-49

Book stores

There's a bad gift, there's a good gift, and there's a book gift. Romantic novel will be a great gift for March 8.


Salon "White lily"

city Kharkiv, str. Sumskaya, 77

(057) 759-05-90

Gifts and souvenirs

Beautiful bouquet of flowers can highlight any gift, especially for March 8. Order can be made directly on the Internet.


Company "Frederic M"

Kharkiv city, Darvina str., 9

(095) 838-95-92

Cosmetics and perfumery

Your lovely ladies must be the most beautiful, and biocosmetics from France and luxury perfumes will help to make it.


Shop "Natali Bolgar"

city Kharkiv, str. Pushkinskaya, 48/1

(057) 715-77-94

Clothing stores

Stylish classic suit by "Natali Bolgar" will highlight business-like style, without neglecting about femininity of beautiful half of humanity.


Store "Eva"

Kharkiv city, Rozy Liuksemburg sq., 1/3, CUM

(057) 731-57-25

Cosmetics and perfumery

Network of shops "Eva" will help you choose a gift for every taste for every woman. Wide assortment and professional sellers that will understand what your dear lady exactly wants.


Gifts shop "TakePrime"

Kharkiv city, Plekhanovskaya str., 42A

(068) 661-74-73

Gifts and souvenirs

Unique assortment of gift shop and original gifts dilute bustle of days and remain vivid and emotional impressions of celebration.