Where to buy tourist equipment?

15 April 2011

Tourism can be of different kinds, for someone it is camping in the woods with a tent, for someone in the mountains, others prefer to travel by bicycle. Whichever way you chose, exactly known, that without equipment it would be difficult to manage. Selection of equipment can be facilitated by hike to the tourist shop, carefully studying the showcases can help to make a list of necessary and useful things that you may have forgotten or didn't even know about their existence. Specially on the eve of the summer season we have made a selection of shops of tourist equipment of Kharkov.


Shop "Mandrivnyk"

Kharkiv city, Yaroslavskaya str., 18A

(057) 760-22-12
(057) 712-08-98

Goods for sports and leasure

You can buy backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sports clothing and shoes, hammocks, picnic sets, folding furniture and other goods in the shop. Also, you can rent tourist equipment.


Shop "Travelers Club"

Kharkiv city, Donets-Zakharzhevskogo str., 2

(057) 755-80-53

Goods for sports and leasure

Shop "Travelers Club" is a great place to find backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and other travel equipment.


Shop "Extrem Style"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 45/2

(057) 773-04-55
(050) 381-01-69

Goods for sports and leasure

Sporting goods store "Extrem Style" offers a wide selection of sporting goods and accessories for all sports.


Internet-shop "Unisport"

Kharkiv city, 23 Avgusta str., 39A, ground floor, office 12

(099) 242-42-60
(057) 786-57-70

Goods for sports and leasure

You can also pick up a sleeping bag or tent in the internet-shop "Unisport".


Shop «Sportmaster»

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 24/1

(057) 760-18-18

Clothing stores

Shop "Sportmaster" at the ave. Lenin, 24 is re-opened.


Shop «Sportmaster»

Kharkiv city, Krasnoshkol'naya emb., 26

(057) 766-36-00

Clothing stores

Shop offers products of world famous brands, producing clothing and footwear for sports, leisure and everyday life, exercise equipment, sanitary equipment, furniture and leisure goods, sports equipment.


Sports shop "Alantur"

Kharkiv city, Pushkinskaya str., 22

(057) 752-52-90
(057) 714-11-16

Goods for sports and leasure

Shop of tourist equipment for traveling, hiking, outdoor activities and adventures. Also there is equipment rental for tourism.


Sports shop "Drive-Sport"

Kharkiv city, Gagarina ave., 101

(057) 771-82-24

Goods for sports and leasure

Shop "Drive-Sport" offers clothing, shoes, backpacks, accessories for travel.


Internet-shop "Picnic-Service"

Kharkiv city, Ivanovskaya str., 1

(057) 756-55-65
(050) 355-53-05

Goods for sports and leasure

Travel tents, sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, mats, boats, mattresses, folding furniture, barbecues - all this you will find in the online store "Picnic-Service".


Equipment center "Extreme"

Kharkiv city, Mar'yanenko ln., 3

(057) 758-83-61

Goods for sports and leasure

Equipment center "Extreme" - an excellent place to look for backpacks, shoes and other basic necessities in tourism.


Store-warehouse "Volotsyuga"

city Kharkiv, str. 23 Avgusta, 12a

(095) 383-12-70

Goods for sports and leasure

Shop "Volotsyuga" offers a new outfit at the lowest price, stock equipment and used equipment. Acting equipment rental at the lowest prices in Kharkov.


Shop "Sportlandia"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 43

(057) 751-96-70

Goods for sports and leasure

In "Sportlandia" you can find almost all for your favorite sport classes.


Shop "ProTourist"

city Kharkiv, str. Akademika Lyapunova, 7, Trading center "Lyapunoff ", 2nd floor

(057) 755-80-08
(099) 466-46-90
(063) 711-18-51

Goods for sports and leasure

In the shop "ProTourist" you can buy tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing and accessories.

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