Galleries of Kharkiv

30 August 2011

In our society modern art is no more than megapolar action film with no plot but in 3D, which can be viewed without any brain activity, and a head is used only for chewing a large bucket of popcorn. But in the city there are a lot of galleries, where the works of non-standard and talented people, who are forming new trends in art,are represented. Tear your movie tickets and go to the gallery for the soul enrichment of your personality!


Gallery "Akademiia"

Kharkiv city, Krasnoznamennaya str., 8

(057) 714-91-93

Galleries and Museums

Various exhibitions of Ukrainian artists and designers.


Visual art gallery "AVEK"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 70

(057) 712-03-63
(057) 712-30-92
(057) 712-17-53

Galleries and Museums

The biggest private gallery of the city. Till the 1st of October, the exhibition will display the best examples of artistic metal-casting of Japan during the second half of XIX - early XX century from the Feldman Collection.


Gallery "DABO"

Kharkiv city, Lermontovskaya str., 8

(057) 704-37-73
(057) 704-37-74

Galleries and Museums

Exhibitions of Ukrainian and Western European authors.


Art gallery " Maestro"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 25

(057) 707-71-15

Galleries and Museums

In september the exhibition "The gallery of live stones" will be held.


Gallery "Kostiurynskyi provulok"

city Kharkiv, ln. Kostiurinskii, 1

(057) 731-25-44

Galleries and Museums

In this gallery you can not just have a look at the works of modern artists' works, but also buy them.


Gallery "Free A4"

city Kharkiv, str. Krasina, 3, Дом актера

Galleries and Museums

All exhibited works are only in the A4 format.


Vasylkivskyi art gallery

Kharkiv city, Chernyshevskogo str., 15

(057) 706-16-20

Galleries and Museums

In September the gallery holds the Kharkiv II festival of street art StreetArtFest.



city Kharkiv, emb. Khar'kovskaya, 6

(057) 752-49-35
(050) 177-67-50

Galleries and Museums

Contemporary art and Ukrainian avant-garde.


Modern art gallary "АС" Art Consulting Group

city Kharkiv, str. Chernyshevskogo, 13, office 508

(057) 766-11-77

Galleries and Museums

From September till October the exhibitions of graphic art and painting,devoted to the autumn theme, will be held.

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