Entertainment centres of Kharkiv

07 September 2011

Day off or just free from work-study day everybody always wants to spend eventfully. To go to the cinema, to sit in a cafe, to play bowling or billiards - is it not a good complex rest? Unfortunately,sometimes it is hard to relax when bowling is on the one side of the city, the theater is on the other side , and the cafe is at the ends of the Earth. This is good if you have a car and extra time to move around the city. Free time, unlike the working one, tends to fly fast, that's why we have gathered for you a list of entertainment centres in Kharkov, where you can find everything for a good pleasant rest.


Entertainment complex "Misto"

city Kharkiv, str. Klochkovskaya, 190A

(057) 758-17-02

Entertainment centers

Disco, bowling, karaoke, sauna and restaurants - all in the heart of the city.


Entertainment center "Merydian"

Kharkiv city, Tselinogradskaya str., 38A

(057) 338-01-66

Night clubs

Disco club, bowling, billiards, sauna, restaurant, and a great chill-out zone.


Children's entertainment complex "Igroland"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 7, Trade and etertainment centre "Karavan"

(057) 760-29-88

Jungle gyms

Children are people too and they like to have fun. Karaoke, disco and pizzeria for children.


Entertainment centre "24"

city Kharkiv, str. Bol'shaya Kol'tsevaya, 99

(057) 714-47-34
(050) 325-40-24

Entertainment centers

One can not only relax here but also celebrate any festive event of life.


Entertainment center "Galaktyka"

Kharkiv city, 23 Avgusta str., 12a

(057) 340-21-12

Night clubs

Entertainment centre with a night club.


Trade and entertainment center "Dafi"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 9

(056) 373-91-19

Shopping centers

Among a large number of shops, there is also a place for a skating rink, cinema, restaurants and for 7D attraction-cinema "DEEP".


Entertainment centre "Shato Ledo"

city Kharkiv, str. Akademika Pavlova, 44B

Entertainment centers

A variety of outdoor activities: skating, shooting, paintball, billiards, table tennis.


Entertainment complex "Kompas"

Kharkiv city, Akademika Pavlova str., 150

(057) 703-63-46
(057) 703-63-46

Entertainment centers

Modern night club with bowling and sport-bar.


Bowling center "Maksimum"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 7, Trade and entertainment center "Karavan",2 floor

(057) 760-29-99

Bowling and Billiards

Entertainment center with four seating areas: bowling, billiards, cocktail-bar and pub.


Entertainment complex "Angers"

town Vysokyi, str. Dzerel'na,5

(057) 789-40-41
(057) 745-95-57

Entertainment centers

In summer time yo can swim in the pool here, and in winter time you can ski.

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