Celebrate Halloween in Kharkov

26 October 2011

Halloween was initially an ancient heathen holiday, which wasn't closely connected with Slavic people. But nowadays we have some funny traditions of this holiday such as wearing of the fancy clothes of evil spirits, making a horrible head of a pumpkin, gathering sweeties and of course having fun. It's a fine reason to have fun for us, because our people like different holidays and festivities. We'll suggest you places where you can celebrate this holiday "with fear and fun".


Restaurant "Stargorod"

Kharkiv city, Lermontovskaya str., 7

(057) 700-90-30

Cafes and Restaurants

October 31, 2011, 19:00 - November 1, 01:00, University Square.
A Stargorod brewery choose the most worthy 1000 people!
Come here and wear the most terrible suit and you'll feel:
  • The ardor of a hell dance. Kharkiv has never seen such a flash mob before!
  • The horror of an evil body art. The best painters will paint your face in the style of the most horrible monsters
  • The ecstasy of evil spirits. A glass of the freshest beer is waiting for you

Selected people will be extremely satisfied and invited to Stargorod to the best horror show of the year!


Entertainment complex "Misto"

city Kharkiv, str. Klochkovskaya, 190A

(057) 758-17-02

Entertainment centers

A HALLOWEEN NIGHT party will be held here on October 28, 2011 at 9 pm. The price of entrance for men is 80 UAH, for women is 40 UAH. From midnight until 1 am, a COSMOPOLITAN cocktail is free for all guests.


Entertainment center "Merydian"

Kharkiv city, Tselinogradskaya str., 38A

(057) 338-01-66

Night clubs

10.29.2011, 21:00 - 10.31.2011 until 06:00, The Holy Day will be held at Meridian club.

This night world famous stars will resurrect.
Dress code: shiny fancy dress, masks and decoration, painted faces in style of witches and evil spirits.


Presentation-exhibition center "Radmir Expohall"

city Kharkiv, str. Akademika Pavlova, 271

(057) 758-57-88
(057) 758-58-15
(057) 758-59-55

Exhibition centers

International cat exhibition "Halloween Cat Show" will be held in Kharkiv on October 30-31. Approximate ticket price is 15-30 UAH.


Night club "Dom Party Bar"

Kharkiv city, Akademika Proskury str., 3

(057) 758-57-49

Night clubs

October 29, 2011 at 21:00. Tickets pre-sale - 40 UAH. DJ BRAT, DJ ROMAN IYULSKY, DJ Eddy Garov, DJ Timur will perform.


Night club "Plazma"

Kharkiv city, Traktorostroitelei ave., 89B

(057) 269-93-53

Night clubs

During the whole year we've been waiting for this holiday that scares and paralyze your mind. This will be a party for adults! We've warned you! All cocktails are 7.77 UAH, hookah is 37.77 UAH. 30 UAH for the entrance for everyone. Call us at 699-353 (from 11:00) to book a table or learn more.


Club "Bolero"

Kharkiv city, 50-letiya VLKSM ave., 54

(057) 714-07-38
(057) 717-63-30

Cafes and Restaurants

A Halloween party, 10.28.2011.
Мс Roman Nabokov, Dj Vlas's, Dj Arthur Stel & BOLERO SHOW GIRLS.
Entrance price: 70 UAH for men, 50 UAH for women.
Please call us: (057) 714-07-38


Club "Cream"

city Kharkiv, str. Kvitki-Osnov'yanenko, 5

(063) 111-12-17
(063) 121-69-01

Night clubs

Halloween the first act. On Saturday, October 29, at 22:00. Put on a mask and find yourself in a fairy tale! Sets of DJ MAWRICKMARKUS & MONA'MURDEVIOUSbr>ONEENTER: entrance is free if you have a fancy dress, 50/60 UAH. The first 30 persons who come will be given a drink from Baba Yaga and a gift
(063) 111-12-17


Dance-cafe "Tortuga"

Kharkiv city, Akademika Proskury str., 1

Cafes and Restaurants

Halloween in Tortuge
Special guest: Dj Koma Junior Support: Dj Slava Tok, Dj Movex Pj `s support for MS Natalia K.


Restaurant "Mafia"

city Kharkiv, str. Petrovskogo, 37

(067) 571-64-82


A Halloween party will be celebrated in Mafia karaoke clubs. Don't be afraid of terrible singing, this night we greet the most terrible singing and the most daring suits. For guest who will put on the suit of a vampire, monsters or other evil spirits, the entrance is free of charge.


Night club "Zhyvot"

Kharkiv city, Mel'nikova str., 6

(057) 717-41-83

Night clubs

October 29, 22:00. 30 UAH entrance for those who have a suit, and 60 UAH for those who have an usual clothes.


Restaurant "Garmata"

Kharkiv city, Pushkinskaya str., 31

(057) 754-67-29

Cafes and Restaurants

October 29, 20:00. Halloween is one of the most ancient holidays on our planet and we love it too much! There will be a lot of tasty dishes and a little bit of horror.