Books for leisure and education

28 November 2011

Reading is quite enthralling and useful thing. Besides, the love for literature can characterize you as an intelligent and well-educated person. And if you aren’t keen in fiction, perhaps you’ll need different textbooks or manuals. Anyway, we offer you a few book shops where you can buy books of different genres and orientations.


E-shop "Audioknyga-Intellekt"

Kharkiv city, Vlasenko str., 24

(092) 786-46-15
(057) 775-22-12
(097) 817-05-77

Internet shops

Business, psychology, marketing, advertising, management, law and jurisprudence, PR, IT-technology, rhetoric, image, philosophy, esotericism, culture, personal finances, history audiobooks and books, etc.


Internet-shop "Book Park"

city Kharkiv, ave. Traktorostroitelei, 128B

(057) 724-11-56
(067) 579-67-26

Book stores

New books and bestsellers, contemporary literature and time-tested classics, poetry and prose, books for children from 3 months, school children and teenagers. A wide choice of gift, art, children's, popular and professional literature.


Book store "empik"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 7, Caravan TC

(057) 760-10-88

Book stores

Various books, new DVDs, the best CD albums, educational games for children, exclusive stationery collection, tickets and much more.


Book store "profibooks"

city Kharkiv, ln. Kravtsova, 19

(057) 751-09-18
(067) 573-87-38

Book stores

A wide choice of books: legal literature, psychology, computer books, gift books, business books, personal development, and economy books.


Book store "Papirus"

Kharkiv city, Klochkovskaya str., 134b

(095) 687-74-37

Book stores

A wide range of exclusive VIP gift literature.


Shop "Litera nova"

city Kharkiv, str. Chernyshevskogo, 34

(057) 757-46-40
(057) 717-03-16

Book stores

A bookstore of scientific, popular scientific, professional and interesting books.


Shop "Litera nova"

city Kharkiv, str. Kvitki-Osnov'yanenko, 4

(057) 758-89-67

Book stores

A bookstore of scientific, popular scientific, professional and interesting books.


LLC "Knygarnia "Ye"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 3

(057) 731-59-49

Book stores

Ukraine's largest choice of Ukrainian books, books in foreign languages. The department of children's literature is available as well.


LLC "Ukrainian and British Development"

city Kharkiv, str. Sumskaya, 54

(057) 714-37-73
(957) 700-44-09

Book stores

Sale of imported scientific, artistic, educational literature from the UK and other European countries.


Shop "Knyzhna Lavka"

Kharkiv city, Vosstaniya sq., 5/6

(093) 466-61-31

Book stores

A wide choice of books of different subjects. Own stock of the leading computer books publishers.