Where to watch Euro 2012 games in Kharkiv?

28 March 2012

All football fans who have no tickets for visiting Euro-2012 matches have a great chance to cheer for their favorite teams at cozy sports bars. Besides beer and snacks for any taste, there you’ll find LCD screen with a high quality video signal and sound, good service and, of course, you’ll spend great time there with your friends.


Bowling club "Atmosphere"

city Kharkiv, ave. Traktorostroitelei, 128V, TC Class, 2nd Floor

(096) 799-52-96
(057) 364-23-53
(097) 844-40-08

Bowling and Billiards

The club invites all fans to watch the matches of Euro 2012. The huge screen and sound quality with the effect of presence at the stadium.


Sport-cafe "Fcafe"

Kharkiv city, Plekhanovskaya str., 65, Metalist Arena TC, 1st floor

(057) 736-09-90

Bars and pubs

5 LCD monitors with high quality sound. A separate VIP hall is available.


Liberty square

city Kharkiv, sq. Svobody

Sightseeing places

The square will be the largest fan zone for Euro 2012 in Ukraine. 7 screens will be installed to view the matches of the championship.


Sport-cafe "Elion"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 20

(057) 758-54-97
(057) 707-52-52

Cafes and Restaurants

Sports bar is equipped with 12 plasma screens. There is a separate room for non-smokers. Tables are recommended to book in advance. Beer - from 15 to 44 UAH.


Restaurant "Stargorod"

Kharkiv city, Lermontovskaya str., 7

(057) 700-90-30

Cafes and Restaurants

Live broadcasts on 30 screens with sound. Beer - from 15 to 46 UAH. Book tables in advance.


Beer restaurant "Slavutych Shato pyvovarnia"

Kharkiv city, Svobody sq., 7

(057) 766-55-57

Cafes and Restaurants

Broadcasts of football matches are being held. Reservation for the company to 5 persons - 200 UAH, from 7 persons - 300 UAH.


Beer restaurant "NkhL"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 7, Caravan TC

(057) 728-12-13

Bars and pubs

There is a large screen projector, plasma screens throughout the hall and 15 types of beer. Booking free of charge.


Internet-cafe "Metkoff"

Kharkiv city, Plekhanovskaya str., 65

(057) 736-10-00

Cafes and Restaurants

Booking - 200 UAH per person. Beer - from 10 to 50 UAH.


Sport-cafe "Magnit"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 43, Express TC

(057) 754-46-29

Cafes and Restaurants

Broadcasting of important matches is held at the club. It is advisable to book a table in advance. Beer - from 10 to 15 UAH.


Cafe "3 Taim"

Kharkiv city, Otakara Yarosha str., 11A

(057) 340-86-66

Cafes and Restaurants

Plasma monitors throughout the house. Minimum order during the match days - 50 UAH. Beer - from 10 to 25 UAH.

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