Live music restaurants in Kharkiv

01 June 2010

It is a pleasant thing to drink wine and listen to the bluesy rhythms. Soft sounding makes your soul to relax and feel better. Or maybe you prefer stirring Latino music? It does not matter.

It is possible to choose a public house with live music for your taste today. If you want to celebrate a holiday being too tired of disco, then choose a bar or restaurant with your favorite music and enjoy it!


Beer restaurant "Slavutych Shato pyvovarnia"

Kharkiv city, Svobody sq., 7

(057) 766-55-57

Cafes and Restaurants

20.00 o`clock Friday and Saturday is Arthur and Victoria singing popular and their own songs.


Restaurant "Kazbek"

Kharkiv city, Moskovskii ave., 43

(057) 732-77-41
(095) 660-77-44

Cafes and Restaurants

Live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 19.00 until 23.00.


Cafe "V Royal"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 92

(057) 714-92-79

Cafes and Restaurants

A small banquet to the accompaniment of live music may be carried out in the cafe.


Art-cafe "Agata"

Kharkiv city, Revoliutsii str., 11

(057) 707-33-47

Cafes and Restaurants

Everyday live music concerts.


Cafe "Alliur"

Kharkiv city, Otakara Yarosha str., 14

(057) 342-20-20

Cafes and Restaurants

A small cosy cafe where the wedding or birthday may be celebrated.


Cafe "Bordo"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 22

(057) 706-06-21

Cafes and Restaurants

Romantic easy listening music in the evenings.


Restaurant "Zolotyi Lev"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 27A

(057) 720-55-70

Cafes and Restaurants

Pop stars perfomances take place here.


Cafe "Grot"

Kharkiv city, Universitetskaya str., 18

(057) 719-19-25

Cafes and Restaurants

The discotheque at the top floor of the cafe begins at 21.00.


Cafe-bar "Yellow Submarine"

Kharkiv city, Lenina ave., 22A

(057) 715-99-11

Cafes and Restaurants

The music styles are rock and rock`n`roll.

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