Banquet hall

02 July 2010

If you need to gather your friends, relatives or colleagues to celebrate the solemn occasion, we offer a list of restaurants where there is a banquet hall. It is very convenient: meal will be cooked, drinks will be poured, in addition you can order the music and toastmaster.


Restaurant "Viktoriia"

Kharkiv city, Primerovskaya str., 23

(057) 766-23-23

Cafes and Restaurants

A separate banquet hall for 20 people, equipped with air conditioner.


Restaurant "Kolizei"

Kharkiv city, Moskovskii ave., 181

(057) 731-96-95

Cafes and Restaurants

The restaurant has 4 banquet halls: for 80, 150, 70 and 50 people. The room can be decorated with fresh flowers in accordance with your desire. If you're celebrating a wedding - there is a special menu for the newly married couple and we can arrange a ceremony on the spot.


Restaurant "Shesh-Besh"

Kharkiv city, Moskovskii ave., 181

(057) 764-52-78
(057) 715-14-07
(097) 581-71-30

Cafes and Restaurants

A big banquet hall for 100 people, there are also halls for 15 and 30 people.


Cafe-club "Bacardi"

Kharkiv city, Molchanovskii ln., 12

(057) 729-48-84

Cafes and Restaurants

The banquet hall can accommodate up to 120 people. If you are celebrating a wedding - your romantic movie will be shown on the big screen during the celebration.


Cafe-bar-restaurant "Astoriia"

Kharkiv city, Rymarskaya str., 7

(057) 764-22-04

Cafes and Restaurants

There are 4 banquet halls (from 20 to 70 people). Additionally, you can order the toastmaster's services and live music.


Restaurant "Blues"

Kharkiv city, Pushkinskaya str., 63

(057) 714-91-31

Cafes and Restaurants

Banquet hall for up to 100 people.


Restaurant "Dykanka"

Kharkiv city, Lermontovskaya str., 7

(057) 758-75-58

Cafes and Restaurants

The hall is for 50 people, real Ukrainian cuisine in the restaurant.


Cafe "Mo-An-Vi"

Kharkiv city, Universitetskaya str., 16

(057) 754-72-81

Cafes and Restaurants

There is European and Asian cuisine in the restaurant. Banquet halls for 30 and 60 people, the summer terrace - for up to 200 people.


Cafe-bar "Afon"

Kharkiv city, Rudneva sq., 37

(057) 732-78-60

Cafes and Restaurants

There are three halls for 18, 30 and 60 people.


Cafe "Nadiia"

Kharkiv city, Derzhavinskaya str., 2B

(057) 771-84-91

Cafes and Restaurants

2 halls for 50 and 70 people. The hall can be decoreted according to your desires.


Cafe "Staryi roial"

Kharkiv city, Kooperativnaya str., 9

(057) 731-13-94

Cafes and Restaurants

The hall for 70 people, the price - from 170 UAH. per person.