Where to spend a stag party?

02 July 2010

Stag party - last bachelor's night and a chance to rest so you wouldn't wish for more. The main thing is to have fun the way it would be an unforgettable evening and then there would be something to recollect with friends. You can spend it wherever and however you want, most importantly for you to recognize your bride. Therefore it is better to organize the evening in advance, not on the eve of wedding. One of the variants - invite your friends to a restaurant. In some establishments there are even special menus and discounts for such the event.


Restaurant "Davidoff"

Kharkiv city, Otakara Yarosha str., 25

(057) 758-77-57

Cafes and Restaurants

The disco starts in the evening so surely you won't be bored.


Hotel and entertainment complex "Armagedon"

Kharkiv city, 50-letiya SSSR ave., 151V

(057) 715-41-27
(057) 766-67-92
(057) 766-67-93


A great place for stag party: apart the restaurant, there is also billiards and comfortable rooms with sofas.


Restaurant "Olimp"

Kharkiv city, Akhsarova str., 21

(057) 338-74-90

Cafes and Restaurants

There is a restaurant, billiards, sport-bar, sauna - all of these in one place!


Cafe "Staryi Arbat"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 78

(057) 700-44-74

Cafes and Restaurants

Here is a hookah room.


Restaurant "Blues"

Kharkiv city, Pushkinskaya str., 63

(057) 714-91-31

Cafes and Restaurants

For private parties, such as a stag party, there is a deluxe suite 100 m2.


Restaurant "Stargorod"

Kharkiv city, Lermontovskaya str., 7

(057) 700-90-30

Cafes and Restaurants

Here is a real live beer, brewed up right in the restaurant. Every Monday - Song binge. The most active "drinking" table gets 10 liters of beer as a present.


Tradel and entertainment center "Frantsuzkyi bulvar"

city Kharkiv, str. Akademika Pavlova, 44B

(057) 751-94-20
(057) 751-94-00

Shopping centers

The entertainment center has a banquet hall where you can spend time perfectly, and then go to the poker club "Royal Poker Club", a shooting gallery, billiard room, or auto tracking - real men's entertainment.

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