Caucasian cuisine restaurant in Kharkiv

05 July 2010

For fans of Caucasian cuisine we prepared a list of restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite dishes. The peculiarity of this cuisine is that it takes several days to cook some dishes, and the preparation of sweets may last for several months. So, if you don't have time or wish to wait so long - go to a restaurant and just choose what your heart desires, the cooks-professionals will prepare everything at the high-end.


Restaurant "Araks"

Kharkiv city, Kutuzovskaya str., 22

(057) 758-80-44

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It's a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant, wide choice of dishes of Armenian, Georgian and Caucasian cuisine.


Cafe "Sadabad"

Kharkiv city, Mayakovskogo str., 1

(057) 702-18-39

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Café is located in area of Sumy market. The interior is designed in oriental style, there is a hookah here and non-smoking room.


Restaurant "Kazbek"

Kharkiv city, Moskovskii ave., 43

(057) 732-77-41
(095) 660-77-44

Cafes and Restaurants

The best Caucasian cooks are working here, it is one of the best restaurants of Caucasian cuisine in the city.


Cafe "Kavkazka kukhnia"

Kharkiv city, Dinamovskaya str., 3

(057) 704-94-39

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A small cafe, located near the stadium. Here you can eat barbecue and khachapuri (Georgian cheese-pie).


Cafe-bar "Imereti"

Kharkiv city, Kotlova str., 168

(057) 712-91-45

Cafes and Restaurants

Try lobio, satsyvi, chanachy, kuchmachi, liulia-kebab (minced mutton chop), kupaty (fried sausages), suluguni, lavash (flat unleavened wheat bread), khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry), churchkhela, chak-chak, and Georgian wines of course!


Restaurant "Simeine vognyshche"

city Kharkiv, Kharkiv city, Gvardeitsev-zheleznodorozhnikov str., 4, the Victory park

(057) 764-83-83

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Design and cuisine of the restaurant are in the severe traditions of Azeri culture.


Restaurant "Urartu"

Kharkiv city, Klochkovskaya str., 261

(057) 717-04-64

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Live music is playing in the restaurant, a summer terrace is here, on the weekends - a lot of people; shish kebab is especially delicious here.


Restaurant "Shesh-Besh"

Kharkiv city, Moskovskii ave., 181

(057) 764-52-78
(057) 715-14-07
(097) 581-71-30

Cafes and Restaurants

A wide choice of dishes on the grill is traditional for the Caucasian cuisine. Prices are very reasonable.


Restaurant "Mlyn"

Kharkiv city, Geroev Truda str., 2/48

(057) 754-92-34

Cafes and Restaurants

The summer terrace among the trees, the view of the lake, excellent cuisine (especially barbecue and khachapuri).


Cafe "Yolky-palky"

Kharkiv city, Sumskaya str., 81

(057) 219-10-55

Cafes and Restaurants

Cafe is located in the M.Gor'kii park, so after a walk you can go to eat, or vice versa - to walk after a substantial lunch.

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