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Let's see the New Year in merrily

24 October 2011
The New Year is coming soon, so it's time to think about how and where to see it in. You can be at home with family and friends, you can book a room in a restaurant or get into the club. The majority of establishments in the New Year's Eve offer entertainments: dance music, contests, costume parties, stars' performances. The choice where to go is up to you, however we offer a list of the most interesting places to celebrate the New Year.

Coffee-house in Kharkiv

24 October 2011
What could be better than heart-to-heart conversation over a cup of coffee with dessert? Coffee house - an ideal place for business meeting, old friends' talk or breakfast. Go to one of them: you can not just drink coffee and read newspapers here, but you can also buy favorite kind of coffee, and then enjoy it at home.

Caucasian cuisine restaurant in Kharkiv

24 October 2011
For fans of Caucasian cuisine we prepared a list of restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite dishes. The peculiarity of this cuisine is that it takes several days to cook some dishes, and the preparation of sweets may last for several months. So, if you don't have time or wish to wait so long - go to a restaurant and just choose what your heart desires, the cooks-professionals will prepare everything at the high-end.

Businesses on the list: Restaurant "Araks", Cafe "Sadabad", Restaurant "Kazbek", Cafe "Kavkazka kukhnia" and 6 more companies...


Where to spend a stag party?

24 October 2011
Stag party - last bachelor's night and a chance to rest so you wouldn't wish for more. The main thing is to have fun the way it would be an unforgettable evening and then there would be something to recollect with friends. You can spend it wherever and however you want, most importantly for you to recognize your bride. Therefore it is better to organize the evening in advance, not on the eve of wedding. One of the variants - invite your friends to a restaurant. In some establishments there are even special menus and discounts for such the event.

Banquet hall

24 October 2011
If you need to gather your friends, relatives or colleagues to celebrate the solemn occasion, we offer a list of restaurants where there is a banquet hall. It is very convenient: meal will be cooked, drinks will be poured, in addition you can order the music and toastmaster.

Businesses on the list: Restaurant "Viktoriia", Restaurant "Kolizei", Restaurant "Shesh-Besh", Cafe-club "Bacardi" and 7 more companies...

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