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Books for leisure and education

28 November 2011
Reading is quite enthralling and useful thing. Besides, the love for literature can characterize you as an intelligent and well-educated person. And if you aren’t keen in fiction, perhaps you’ll need different textbooks or manuals. Anyway, we offer you a few book shops where you can buy books of different genres and orientations.

Entertainment centres of Kharkiv

24 October 2011
Day off or just free from work-study day everybody always wants to spend eventfully. To go to the cinema, to sit in a cafe, to play bowling or billiards - is it not a good complex rest? Unfortunately,sometimes it is hard to relax when bowling is on the one side of the city, the theater is on the other side , and the cafe is at the ends of the Earth. This is good if you have a car and extra time to move around the city. Free time, unlike the working one, tends to fly fast, that's why we have gathered for you a list of entertainment centres in Kharkov, where you can find everything for a good pleasant rest.

Galleries of Kharkiv

24 October 2011
In our society modern art is no more than megapolar action film with no plot but in 3D, which can be viewed without any brain activity, and a head is used only for chewing a large bucket of popcorn. But in the city there are a lot of galleries, where the works of non-standard and talented people, who are forming new trends in art,are represented. Tear your movie tickets and go to the gallery for the soul enrichment of your personality!

Businesses on the list: Gallery "Akademiia", Visual art gallery "AVEK", Gallery "DABO", Art gallery " Maestro" and 5 more companies...

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