Hotel and restaurant complex "Siesta"

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The place where you can relax and replenish energy after "tropical heat" of working days or a long tiring journey.
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(044) 402-11-81


city Kyiv, str. Dimitrova, 2, Sofiivs'ka Borschahivka




It would seem that such a widespread phenomenon - small, convenient, economical hotel in the city, a nice, cozy and tidy, with all necessary service, but without undue extravagance. It would seem… but only until such moment when you should choose a temporary housing. Options disappear one after the other - they stumble on the threshold of the high price, slips on the quality, bursting of the prickly thorns of dubious reputation. But "intelligent" room service - the most common need.

"Siesta" conveniently located on the ring road - near major urban highway. The presence of a transfer from the train station or airport to the hotel, tour guide services for guests, spacious parking in front of the building - this little details testify about well thought-out hospitality.