What is interesting in Kyiv for visitors?

13 October 2011

Are you waiting for the arrival of relatives, girlfriends, friends or acquaintances? You even do not know how to plan a cultural programme for them though you lived all of your life in Kyiv. Or maybe you want to get an experienced guide? We are going to make your suffering and thought easier. Learn more about the city of Kyiv with Mapia!


Arch of Peoples Friendship

city Kyiv, park "Khreshchatyi"

Sightseeing places

It is one of the most beautiful places of the city. If you manage to get here in the evening of salutes, you will forget everything! However, the view of evening or day Kyiv is quite impressive too.



city Kyiv, sq. Great Patriotic War Heroes' Square

Sightseeing places

The Mother Motherland monument, the museum of Second World War, Eternal flame, the exhibition of WW2 and the Soviet war in Afghanistan military equipment, sculptural-architectural composition The Dnipro forcing, the museum of Afghanistan warriors, observation desks, the stairway to the "Singing Field". All this can be viewed only for a walking. The WW2 museum ticket price is only 20 UAH.

Take the city visitors straight to this place. It is really wonderful place, funny sculptures and miracles wait for you here everywhere. Oh! Do not forget to take camera!


National museum "Memorial pamiati zhertv holodomoriv v Ukraini"

Kyiv city, Ivana Mazepy (Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya) str., 15А, 8 minute walk from the Arsenal'na Metro Station

(044) 254-45-11

Sightseeing places

One can not only have fun in Kyiv, but pay attention to the history of this city. The history of sufferings and numerous victims. After the visiting of the memorial you can think by walking in the Eternal Glory Park and admire the beautiful view of Kyiv from the height.


Kyiv-Pechersk lavra

city Kyiv, str. Ivana Mazepy (Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya), 25 build. 36

(044) 280-30-71

Sightseeing places

It is a sacred place yearly and hourly visited by the thousands of people. Even if you do not believe in God, you will be impressed with the beauty and originality. There are 3 museums, the State Library and approximately 60 interesting places.


Mykolaev church

city Kyiv, str. Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiiska), 77

(044) 528-31-86

Sightseeing places

If you have never heard the organ before, then you must do it! You will be really impressed. The price of ticket is 20-50 UAH.


Sophia cathedral

Kyiv city, Vladimirskaya str., 24

(044) 279-22-56
(044) 278-76-62

Sightseeing places

This majestic place has outlived few centuries to attract all eyes. You surely need to visit the territory of the cathedral, because it is especially nice to be here in autumn. Ticket to the territory is 3 UAH, ticket to the belfry is 8 UAH, and ticket to the Khlibnya exhibition hall is 8 UAH.



city Kyiv, str. Petra Sagaidachnogo, 3

(044) 425-12-52

Sightseeing places

There are only 11 countries in the world which boast a funicular, and Ukraine is among them! A short trip will show you the charming city hills, if you choose a right seat in the carriage. The fare is 2 UAH.


Independence square

Kyiv city, Nezalezhnosti maidan,

Sightseeing places

No visit to a city can do without visiting the central square. Here you will see immensely beautiful fountains, pedestals and monuments, small shops and cafes. And also there is Kilometre Zero that indicates the distance to any cities and countries, so your guests will not be lost.


Bridge of lovers

city Kyiv, Mariyins'kyi park-Khreshchatyi park

Sightseeing places

Do you want to show your love to everyone once again? Come here with a ribbon or lock. Or just walk here to watch the gladness and love this bridge keeps.

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