What places to take your child on the weekend?

17 October 2011

Children give us gladness, happiness and merriment. Inquisitive minds of your children need incessant knowledge and new interesting events. These inquisitive eyes always want to see more. So let us not refuse little flowers in their desires, but go to the world of fairy tales and performances in this weekend.


Shop-portal "Znayka"

Kyiv city, Yaroslavskaya str., 35

(044) 425-16-90
(044) 425-13-43

Retail and Wholesale

Three master classes a day, all the weekend until October, at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Various subjects for different age groups (plasticine, glass paper, Ayres Folding techniques, ceramics modelling, corrugated paper working, quilling and other). The price of ticket is 40-60 UAH.


Municipal theater "Kyiv"

Kyiv city, Rusanovskaya emb., 12

(044) 229-10-92


The exciting Mukha Tsokotukha story is on stage on October 22. You also will see Konek-Gorbunek, Osa grandmother, brave Gnat, Spider and lot of other friends. On october 23 and 29 you will see a fairy-tale Three Little Pigs musical. "How to get a real hippo" is on stage on October 30. The tickets are 30 UAH.


Kiev planetarium of society "Znannia"

Kyiv city, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya (Krasnoarmeiskaya) str., 57/3

(044) 287-75-08
(044) 287-01-82
(044) 287-01-82


Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00, the educational programs for primary and middle school age children are held. It would be interesting to make the fascinating journeys through the galaxies and planets for adults as well. The price of ticket is 20 UAH.


Kiev Golf Center

city Kyiv, emb. Obolonskaya, 10

(044) 426-64-64
(044) 426-69-69

Golf clubs

Annual Halloween Is Not Terrible children's party will be held on October 23 and 30. The price of ticket is from 200 UAH. (accompanying adults do not need tickets).

Moscow Doll's Theater will perform the plays of Ice Age and Madagascar (of the same name cartoons) on the stage of Culture Palace. Tickets are 80-250 UAH.


Cinema "Kyivska Rus"

Kyiv city, Sichovyh Streltsov (Artema) str., 93

(044) 461-80-61
(044) 486-74-74


At the days of autumn school holidays, the Eralash comedy magazine wait for all boys and girls with their parents to visit the funniest children's show of the year.
The tickets are 80-200 UAH.


Kiev dolphinarium "Nemo"

Kyiv city, Akademika Glushkova ave., 9

(044) 520-55-55
(044) 250-99-91


The Pirate Holidays with Dolphins are here on October 21-30. Tickets cost 90 UAH.


Kyiv academic young theater

Kyiv city, Proreznaya str., 17

(044) 235-42-18
(044) 234-62-51


On October 30, you can be a witness of The Little Mermaid legend. This performance was rewarded with the Kyiv Pectoral prize as best show of 2000. You will not be sorry! Tickets cost 25-35 UAH.


Kyiv municipal academic puppet theater

Kyiv city, Miropolskaya str., 1

(044) 513-15-00


All the weekend at 11:00 and 13:00, you and your child can enjoy the poetry comedy, unbelievable adventures, fairy tales and performances. At the time of school holidays the shows will be performed every day.


Kiev state puppet theatre

city Kyiv, str. Mikhaila Grushevskogo, 1А

(044) 278-58-08


Every weekend the theater presents 4 children's performances at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. Tickets cost 15-20 UAH.

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