Historical places in Mykolaiv

30 June 2010

In Mykolaiv there is something for tourists to look at. This city is called the city of shipbuilders, admirals, and even the city of brides, white yachts, blossoming of acacias and red roses. Location and climate are favourable for a rest. And if you use our tips, you will be able to learn more about the city, and it may become your favorite vacation place.


Mykolaev Zoo

city Mykolaiv, Leontovycha Sq.1, Mykolaiv, 54003, Ukraine

(0512) 24-63-77
(0512) 55-60-45

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Not exactly a historical place, but it is one of the oldest zoos in Ukraine.


Mykolayiv Astronomical Observatory

Mykolaiv city, Observatornaya str., 1

(0512) 47-70-14

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One of the oldest observatories, was founded back in 1820.


Museum of shipbuilding and fleet

Mykolaiv city, Admiral'skaya str., 4

(0512) 35-12-94

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Earlier in this building it was the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Black Sea Fleet (1793).


Monument to shipbuilders

city Mykolaiv, Lenin ave., opposite Admirala Makarova str.,43

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The so called "ball" - displays the honour and glory of the people involved in the story and life of the city of shipbuilders.


Naval promenade

city Mykolaiv, Flotskyi blvd.

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On the territory of Naval Avenue there is an old gun - a memorial sign in the honour of the city's foundation.


Mykolaev yacht-club

Mykolaiv city, Sportivnaya str., 7

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The oldest yacht-club in the territory of Ukraine.

This ancient city existed more than 2,500 years ago.


Vereshchagin Mykolaiv regional art museum

Mykolaiv city, Bol'shaya Morskaya str., 47

(0512) 35-23-67
(0512) 35-98-45

Galleries and Museums

This very building, where the museum is located, is an architectural monument of the XIX century.


Ancient settlement "Dykyi Sad"

city Mykolaiv, Artylerijs'ka str., Embankment corner

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This is a Cimmerian settlement older than Olbia for more than 500 years and a little bit younger than the Egyptian pyramids.

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