If you are a business owner, a marketing promoter or by some other reasons you are a representative of the interests of an enterprise, this section is for you.

What is the Cabinet and why do you need it?

The Cabinet is a special section of our site, which will permit you (after you sign up):

  • to add your business to our catalog free of charge;
  • to edit information about your business, goods and services on your own;
  • to follow the statistics of the placement of information of your business on our site;
  • to involve prospective customers with the help of additional tools as the expansion of a profile features, adding goods, contextual and banner advertisement;
  • to receive reports on the status of your placement, current payments and static data as well.

To receive the access to these features, you also should undergo authorization, which means we must be sure that you have the right to be a representative of a business. For more information you can read Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or comments, please connect with us:

[email protected]

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