The use of such pronouns as “you”, “your”, “yours” refers to you as a website user. “We”, “us”, “our” refer to the company and the employees of Mapia LLC.

  1. Common guidelines
  2. Guidelines for reviews
  3. Guidelines for business owners (The Cabinet)
  4. Final provisions

1. Common guidelines allows users to place on the site different content as reviews, photographs, company information, etc. We know that all of our users are good and polite people, but just in case we have written the list of simple guidelines for content creating. The most specific guidelines for concrete spheres are described below. Please, read it.

  • Inappropriate content. We greet the oratory, but we ask you to refrain from threat, importunities, insults, hatred, and obscene language as well.
  • Advertising content. If you are a business owner and you add the information of company to your profile, then everything is all right. In other cases we have a negative attitude to publishing advertisements. Let us have a product useful for users and free of spam.
  • Irrelevant content. When you create content, make sure it is pertinent and useful for other people right in this place. For instance, review columns are not a place for the discussion of the religious beliefs of management and employment questions. It can be discussed in other places.
  • Privacy. Everyone has a right to privacy. Please, do not post personal information of others without their permission. It may be family name, first name and patronymic, telephone numbers, addresses and photographs. More detailed information is given in Privacy Policy.
  • Intellectual property. We are sure that you can write a text or make a photo better than someone else in the Internet, because exactly the unique information is valuable. Do not repost anything from other sites or users. After all, it is not good.
  • Illegal content. If something that you want to post breaks the rights of other users or the current laws of Ukraine, think once again and write something else.
  • Illiteracy. Before posting information read it through carefully or let others do it. The information written with numerous grammar and punctuation mistakes cannot be taken seriously. By this reason, your opinion even the most sincere can be ignored or interpreted incorrectly. In extreme cases, use automatic text formatting and correction.
  • Setting off a content. If you want to set the most important part of your content, you may set it in bold. Other methods as caps, spaces between the letters of a word, more than one exclamation mark, the using of different colors, etc complicate the perception of information. Please, do not do this.
  • Harmful content. is not a place for the spread of viruses and other harmful software. Have a heart!.

We hope you will follow the guidelines described above, but we reserve the right to delete or correct any information posted by you on the site, if it contradict with Content Guidelines.

2. Guidelines for reviews

By writing a review on a company, feel yourself as a person, who will read it. Remember the reviews you like to read, and the reviews, which really help you. The best reviews are always written with feeling and competence, they are described in details and contain a few useful advices. Here are some recommendations for the best reviews.

  • Own experience. Nothing can compare with information at first hand. It is interesting for us to know about your own experience, not about that you have heard from your friends or colleagues. Tell us in your words about your unique style, your opinion of a restaurant you have visited yesterday, a hotel where you have been living during a vacation, and a shop, where you have bought a fine jeans.
  • Exactness and truthfulness. We all like to exaggerate, especially, if we like something or upset with something. But try to describe your experience as exactly as it possible. Do not distort facts, other users will not thank you for that.
  • Conflict of interests. We expect your reviews to be objective and real. If you are the representative of a company, please do not write a review on your company, and refrain from reviewing your competitors.
  • Richness of content. If you decided to write a review, do not be lazy, tell everything in detail. Other users will appreciate your work by all means. Emotional reviews are good, but if your review contains nothing but emotions, it is bad. Please, do not write reviews like that: “What a restaurant!” or “This is bad!” It would be better if you tell why you think so.
  • Reviews rating. We hope that you will help us to collect the best and useful reviews, therefore we give you a possibility to estimate the reviews of other users or complain about it. It is not difficult, just a click and you contribute to the quality of our services. We thank you for that. The reviews that no one has estimated are automatically considered useful.
  • Reports on reviews. A negative review is not a reason to panic, but a good chance to know the opinions of clients and improve own service. A correct reaction to a complaint will have a positive influence on your reputation. For that you may give official comments on the reviews of users on behalf of a company representative. Show your professionalism. Intimidation and compensation offers will not be your advantage.

We sincerely want that reviews posted on site were useful for our users, therefore we will remove some comments, which do not coincide with guidelines, and reviews, which other users complain about. We hope for your understanding, and we promise not to take into account the type of a review. Negative reviews will not be removed if they do not contradict the guidelines.

3. Guidelines for business owners (The Cabinet)

The guidelines for the placement of company information are described in Content Guidelines within the Cabinet of an advertiser. To have the access to it, it is necessary to authorize.

4. Final provisions

Mapia LLC reserves the rights to refuse the placement of information on site, to close the access to the Cabinet section and other services for those users or business owners, who break the terms of Content Guidelines. In case if these breaches are illegal, we have the right to resort to cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

By using our site you automatically agree with these Content Guidelines and Terms of Service. We reserve the right to make changes in Content Guidelines at any time without informing the users. The changed version of Content Guidelines takes effect since the day it is published on this page of the site.