Package "Summer"

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From 1.06.2013 offers you to promote your company's services with the package "Summer", which contains a large set of tools to attract more audience and potential customers. This package is available only in summer and only now it includes -40% discount, as well as the gift - 15 thousand banner impressions. Promotion period - 12 months from the date of placement. The package "Summer" includes:

  • Extended company's page
  • Advantages in search and category
  • Additional promo tools

I. Company's page

  • Website (clickable)
  • Banner on the company's page (during the whole period of placement)
  • 20 keywords (for search improvement)
  • 20 goods and services (separate pages with description, photos and price)
  • 2 internal highlights (to inform about special offers, new products, etc.)

After switching to the package "Summer" all the information about other businesses, which was on your free page, will be removed. I.e. there will be no block "Nearest businesses", and the banner will be only yours.

II. Search results and category

With the package "Summer" your company's page will appear above all the companies with free placement in the search results and on the list of companies in the category. Your page will be sorter with other paid companies' pages by the amount of payments of all placements at the time. Moreover, your company's page will differ from all other free pages in the list in search results and category by the presence of the logo and tagline (short description), which will make it more noticeable to potential clients. In search results and category your company's page will look as follows:

Поиск Летний

Pages of goods and services, which are included in the package "Summer" in the amount of 20 pieces, can also be found in the search. They are displayed in the search results together with your company, if the name of the product matches the user's query. Your products and services in the search results will look as follows:

Товар в поиске

III. Additional promo tools

The package "Summer" includes the tools for additional promotion on the website to attract more users to your company's page:

  • Hint under search (3 pieces), clicking on which the user will see the search results with your company on the list, will look as follows:
Подсказка под поиском
  • Context ads in search (5 000 impressions), which will allow your page to be on the top of the list of your competitors and attract more attention with a light-violet highlighting, will look as follows:
  • Highlight on mainpage (2 months), which will attract your potential clients with a big beautiful picture on one of the most popular pages of the site, will look as follows:

Cost of the package "Summer": 5994 3596 UAH/year
+ a present of 15 000 banner impressions on the pages of search results, categories and free pages of other companies

Call for details and to order: (044) 206-45-66

And also by email:

Besides the package "Summer" there are other packages for placement on with different prices. Our stuff will be happy to find the most suitable one for the needs of your company. Call us by the telephone number that you can see above.