Mapia LLC respects the privacy rights of its users, and it has developed this Privacy Policy to protect these rights. Privacy Policy describes the information we collect, the way it may be used, with whom it may be shared, and the opportunity of your choice in such use and disclosure.

Please, read Privacy Policy carefully, as long as you use site and its services, you agree with the terms of this policy.

1. Definition of terms and conditions:

The use of such pronouns as “you”, “your”, “yours” refers to you as a website user. “We”, “us”, “our” refer to the company and the employees of Mapia LLC.

Company is natural or legal personality, which is the object of management.

2. What information do we collect and how do we use it

Account. By registering on site for the receipt of an account, we ask you to give information and collect it. Such information may contain your name and surname, location, email address, telephone number, your occupation, photos and company details. You also may import the data of your account from other sites to simplify the process of registration on site.

We may use this data according to the Law of Ukraine on Protection of Personal Data to create, keep and use the account name to support the functionality of the website and identify you as a user of the website. We also may use your email address for direct mailing the news and updates connected with the website and notifications on the Cabinet section working and promotions, as well as other questions, which may refer to the using of the website (on behalf of other users as well). You always can reject the direct mailing, by sending us a letter at [email protected] In relation to your personal information, you can also use other rights, which are provided by the current legislation of Ukraine, in a case if such a use does no harm to the website and its other users.

By registering the Personal account described in item 2 of Terms of Service, we may display on the site your nickname or name, location, photo and any other information, which you will make available in your user profile. And as for the other cases, we are obliged to comply with the privacy of your data, which has become known for us after the registration, and do not publish it on site or to spread it by some other way without your written consent, except the cases described in current legislation of Ukraine.

You are fully responsible for the safety of your account password and for losses, which may appear by the reason of its unauthorized use. We are not responsible for the disclosure of your personal information, which has become known for third parties as a result of your intentional and unintentional transfer of access to your account.

Vacancies. If you send to us your personal information as a resume for considering you as a candidate for the one of our vacancies, then this information will be used only in the context of this object. We may save your information for a certain time, which is necessary for the consideration of your request for current vacancies or the vacancies, which can appear in future.

Public information. In compliance with Content Guidelines and Terms of Service, you may place on site different information, including the companies’ reviews, replies to reviews, user profile completion, company profile completion, and the completion of our questions lists, and voting for the information placed by other users. We may save this information, show it other users, reformat it, translate into other languages, make the advertising products of it, use it for an advertisement, and delete it in case if the payable date of displaying is over, if our agreement was denounced or if nor you nor we are not interested in the safety of this information. If you include your personal information to public information, it may be seen and used by other users. We are not responsible for any information you choose to make public and for its use by third parties including its playback and spreading on other sites or carriers. By placing the information on, you give us non-exclusive and toll-free rights to use it by the ways described above all over the world. You also give other users rights to have the access to your information.

The information placed on the site is considered to be the property of the users who has placed it until there are no reasons to consider differently. Users are not given the rights to use the information placed by other users and they are fully responsible to information owners for illegal use.

Other recourses. We allow you to use other resources such as Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte to share your Public information of our site with these resources. Some of these resources may give the information about you to analyze your using of site.

Activity and log files. We automatically save the information concerning your site using, and such kind of information as the pages you have viewed, your browser type, IP address, browser language, time and date of your visit, etc. We use this information to support the level of the site services. We also use this information for the evaluation of users’ behavior, to follow up the degree of users’ interest in the sections of the site.

Cookies. We send cookies to your computer to identify your browser and improve the quality of our services. Cookies are a small content of information, which is sent and saved on your computer by our site during site using. We may use cookies, which are kept only for the time of your using of our site or permanent cookies, which stay in your computer till then you delete it. If you decide to remove it from your computer, some parts of our site can work incorrectly or cannot work at all.

Reviews. There is a feedback form on our site, which you may use to communicate with us, and for such purposes: to share your opinion on the work of our site and its services and ask a question about the work of our site and its services, to complain of technical defects or inaccuracies of the information placed on our site, to express your wishes or ideas. We may keep our correspondence with you, including any personal data, which you can provide it, so we may communicate with each other efficiently. We also may publish your feedback on the work of our company and use for an advertisement.

Administration. We may use all the information described above for administrative purposes as the investigation of the breach of Terms of Service.

Data storage. All data is stored in Ukraine.

Debit cards. If you buy our services on site by using debit card, we collect and keep the information of your payment and the card data. We may only share this information with third parties, who provide the payment processing.

3. With whom we share the information we collect

Public information. Public information placed by you may be displayed on our site, and also we may share it fully or partially with third parties for its publication on their sites or other media platforms. We may ask them to note you as the author of information, by its placing.

Service providers. We may use the services of contractors to implement any tasks as customer or client support, the analyses of visiting, site productivity, the accountability of the site working, site advertising and promotion, the assistance to the examination of job applicants, quality control, payments processing, and other works connected with our site. We may share your information with them so then they can implement their tasks, but we do not give them a right to use your information for any purposes besides the services you have ordered.

Advertising. Third parties may place an advertisement on our site. We do not share any information with them, but they may obtain the access to information, which may be delivered them with cookies or the information, which you may share with them yourself.

Partners. Buying a certificate on the Deals section of our Site you can agree to share your personal data with our partners (for example, SuperDeal LLC) by clicking on the checkbox in front of the corresponding proposal, so that you could receive their services (for example, mailing). In that case we share your personal data, provided during the registration, with the corresponding partner. This personal data may include: you name and surname, location, email, history of purchases. You can always unsubscribe from such services by notifying us at [email protected]

Aggregated information. We may share non-personalized aggregated information referred to the behavior of site users with third parties as advertising agencies and other companies, with whom we have business relations. For example, we may share the information about the number of users that have seen and clicked on a banner.

Intracorporate distribution . We may share your information with our founders, branches, representative offices, related enterprises and other persons connected with our company at the present or that, which may appear in future. In this case we will require from them the compliance with this Privacy Policy. If our company or its part is purchased by another company, it will have an access to your information and take into consideration the regulations of Privacy Policy.

State structures . In case if we receive the resolution of the state structure (including court) of the necessity to disclose any information, which is placed on our site, we are obliged to disclose this information at the date appointed by the legislation.

Investigations. We reserve the right to hold an inquiry relative to the breach of the regulations of Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. We may share your information with third parties on the grounds of the necessity of:

  • a. taking measures as a result of illegal activity;
  • b. insisting on the compliance with the regulations of Terms of Service and Content Guidelines;
  • c. obeying the instructions of law enforcement agencies and court decision as search warrant, summons, judicial process and other legal processes;
  • d. protecting the rights, reputation and property of ours and our users, partners, representatives, founders and other persons.

Any kinds of disclosure described above are not considered to be the breach of the privacy of your information.

4. Information control

You may refuse to give us your personal information, but it may entail the limitation of access to some functions of site as the impossibility of writing the reviews on companies and using the options of the Cabinet section.

We give you the control tools of your information, including the possibility of deleting your account or unsubscribing from mailing list. Nevertheless, it is possible that we will need to contact with you, if it is necessary according to the legislation or other legal questions. For instance, we may report you about changes in Terms of Service, Content Guidelines or Privacy Policy.

5. Links

Our site may contain links to other sites and applications, which are not possibly connected with us. We do not share personal information with owners of these sites and applications, and we are not responsible for their Privacy Policy. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with their Privacy Policy.

6. Safety

We follow the common standards of the protection of your personal information when transferring as well as when storing and using. Only these employees that need the access to the personal information for the working have the access to the information of users. All employees that have the access to users’ information have signed nondisclosure agreement.

Nevertheless, none of the methods of information transfer and data storage are 100% safe. Therefore, in spite of the fact that we use all the possible methods for the providing with the high level protection of your personal information, we do not guarantee its absolute safety.

7. Contact information

In case if you have questions, suggestions and complaints of the information that you or other users give, please feel free to contact us:

Mapia LLC
02090, Kyiv
6 Susury Str., 5th floor
[email protected]

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Latest version will be always placed on this page. We may make changes not informing the users, therefore, we recommend checking Privacy Policy at times. The changes take effect since the day they are published on site. By using site and its services, you automatically agree with this Privacy Policy.