For those who go in for sports and more...

16 September 2011

Sports are a work for somebody, or a hobby or just a possibility to stay be in a good shape. But first of all a sport is associated with the health. It's easy to go jogging in summer, but in autumn it's necessary to go to gyms and sports complexes. It's not raining there, you can make sport with a trainer. Also there are many people who appreciate a healthy life-style.


Sport-studio "Maxima"

city Yalta, str. Ignatenko, 5

(050) 633-18-21
(093) 642-30-30

Sport clubs

A fine gym and attentive trainers.


Center "Consol-sport Nikita"

town Nikita, emb. Nikitskyi botanical garden, 1

(0654) 33-56-71

Sport clubs

A fitness club, gym, swimming pool and bath complex. It's located in Nikita township near Yalta.


Fitness club "Territory of Life"

city Yalta, str. Pushkinskaya, 23

(067) 652-33-01
(050) 220-22-93

Sport clubs

Aerobics lessons and a gym are available. It is possible to carry out athletics individually or with a trainer.


Hotel "Oreanda"

city Yalta, emb. Lenina, 35/2

(065) 427-42-74
(0654) 27-42-50


The fitness club of the hotel offers 15 types of physical training, such as classical, dance or step aerobics, Pilates, yoga, shaping, step, strip fit, body flex, body building, etc. For any tastes and any level of physical fitness. Athletics can be carried out individually or with a trainer.


Sports and Health Center "Atlant-Sport"

city Yalta, str. Krivoshty, 4

(0654) 32-41-46

Sport clubs

Numerous sport sections are available in the center.


Athletic Club "Titan"

city Yalta, str. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 56

(0654) 32-37-14

Sport clubs

For those who like to pump iron.

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