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Let us go to the beach? Overview of Yalta beaches.

07 June 2012
What is most attracted to Yalta resort guests? Of course, sea and sun. The beautiful beaches of Yalta will help you to enjoy them fully. In Yalta, there are so many different beaches, both private and public urban as "wild" and comfortable. All of them are very popular among the inhabitants and guests of the city.

Businesses on the list: Massandra beach, Beach of hotel "Yalta", Beach "Dolphin", Beach "Prymorskyi" and 6 more companies...


Where to play billiards in the evening?

17 January 2012
If you want to play pool and do not know where to go - we offer you a list of some billiard clubs. Thre aren't many clubs in Yalta, but we hope you can choose one from this list. Enjoy!

Walking along the Yalta Quay

07 December 2011
Everyone, who has ever been in Yalta or has a plan to visit it, knows about the famous Yalta quay, which is a symbol of this town and a mecca for tourists. Actually, it’s not surprising, because there are all possible amusements, cafes and restaurants, and also different contests, shows and performances take place everywhere.

Cultural program in Yalta

29 November 2011
Besides the summer sun, the blue sea, numerous amusement institutions, and tourists, the small resort town of Yalta is famous for its museums, theaters and monuments of architecture. And if you find yourself in Yalta not in summertime, you surely won’t be bored.

For those who go in for sports and more...

24 October 2011
Sports are a work for somebody, or a hobby or just a possibility to stay be in a good shape. But first of all a sport is associated with the health. It's easy to go jogging in summer, but in autumn it's necessary to go to gyms and sports complexes. It's not raining there, you can make sport with a trainer. Also there are many people who appreciate a healthy life-style.
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