Suburban recreation in Kyiv

15 April 2011

May holidays are coming and so do the day-offs! It is a great chance to get outside: for one day to the park or a couple of days to a suburban complex, which is just a few hours drive from Kiev. Horseback riding, boating, volleyball, soccer, tennis, barbeque and many other outdoor activities are away from the fuss of the city and exhaust. Pre-order one of the houses and go with your family or big friendly company to rest, entertain and open the swimming season!


Restaurant "Babai Komora"

town Hostomel', 18B Kulishova st., 6 km. from Checkpoint on the Warsaw route

(067) 502-57-09

Cafes and Restaurants

Country restaurant for a family rest. Here you will find a wide selection of dishes for all tastes, as well as an extensive grill and tandoor menu. The restaurant has its own bakery.


Country restaurant and hotel complex "Babai Sadyba"

city Vasyl'kiv, 2 Zarichna st.

(4571) 221-81-54


The complex on the bank of the river Stugna includes a restaurant, banquet hall, terrace, arbors, a hotel, baths, private beach and the paintball site.


Hotel-restaurant complex "Lesnaia"

village Hlibivka, st. Zelenyi bor, 7

(050) 331-77-24

Recreation facilities

Billiards room, sauna, steam room, table tennis, bicycles, darts, gaming consoles, playground, frisbee, chess, backgammon, two swimming pools and outdoor jacuzzi, children's heated pool. And all this - in a picturesque area only 30 km from Kiev.


Country complex "Dva Bobra"

village Myla, str. Komarova, 91, 26 km route Kiev-Zhytomyr

(044) 221-23-31
(067) 233-38-08

Cafes and Restaurants

Separate arbors, cabins, picturesque lake, a clean beach - everything for your vacation.


Restaurant-hotel "Chumatskiy Shliah"

village Romankiv, str. Sosnovaja, 10

(067) 441-22-13 (banquets and corporate events booking)
(093) 768-96-30 (banquets and corporate events booking)
(067) 401-28-49

Cafes and Restaurants

There is a special guest house "Kuren Sirka". There are all conditions for recreation in this mini-hotel: a bathhouse, living room with fireplace and bedroom. For children - children's lodge and mini-zoo. The best place for a family holiday on the May holidays.


Hotel and restaurant complex "Borysfen"

city Kyiv, Park Druzby Narodiv, 5

(067) 403-53-50
(044) 428-72-00


If there's no way to get out of the town - rest in the "Borisfene". It is located in a picturesque corner of Kiev, in the park zone, on the banks of the Dnieper. Hotel rooms, restaurant, barbecue, sauna, free parking, and most importantly - fresh air.


Complex "Bannyj Dvor"

city Vyshhorod, str. Prirechnaya, 1

(097) 757-87-11

Recreation facilities

Russian bathhouse, swimming pool, rest cottages, park with a children's playground and sports ground, brazier house, separate cottages with kitchen and sauna, restaurant, bowling, billiards, horse riding club - all in order so you can rest for a few days and gain strength before the summer vacation.


Recreation base "Lisotel"

town Rokytne, tract Peschanoe

(099) 744-44-34

Recreation facilities

Would you like an active rest for several days for May holidays? Bathhouse, horseback riding, boat rental, fishing float fishing tackle, hunting, billiards, library, football, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, darts, fitness, belly dancing, bike rental, guided tours (routes to choose from a recreation center administrator) - all in one complex, away from the city vanity.


Hotel-restaurant complex "Kozatskyi Stan"

Kyiv city, Borispolskoye highway, 18 км

(044) 585-11-67
(044) 585-11-64
(044) 585-11-62 (conference hall)
(044) 585-11-75 (restaurant)
(044) 585-11-65 (hotel)
(044) 585-11-63 (hotel)
(044) 576-09-60 (hotel)

Cafes and Restaurants

Located in the center of the pine forest, there are hotel rooms and cottages with saunas, Ukrainian cuisine, there's a children's playground for the little ones, special children menu at the restaurant. And all of this without leaving Kiev!


Country Club "Royal diligence"

city Kyiv, city Kyiv, str. Frunze, 6А

(044) 227-22-79

Recreation facilities

Country club with sauna, playground, restaurant.


Restaurant "Razguliaevo"

Kyiv city, Stolichnoe highway, 70

(044) 502-22-22 (information service)
(044) 259-17-00 (reserve)
(044) 502-49-49

Cafes and Restaurants

Convenient location of the restaurant - just a few kilometers away to the Stolichnoe highway on the way to Koncha-Zaspa. There's a large spacious homestead on the territory, dinner houses for 8-12 people, pavilions, hotel for 8 rooms and a complex of 3 saunas. All this magnificence is surrounded by evergreen pine forest. Children's playground and a room with toys for children.


Restaurant-estate "Chervona Kalyna"

Kyiv city, Generala Vatutina ave., 22, park Druzhby Narodov

(044) 465-55-85
(044) 451-61-91

Cafes and Restaurants

The Cherry Orchard, bush of the red cranberry, aroma of roses, mint, marigolds. Hotel and restaurant complex offers the rest with the whole family on the nature.


Restaurant "Smerekova Khata"

village Buzova, str. Sadovskogo, 1A

(044) 451-62-72

Cafes and Restaurants

35th km of Zhytomyr highway. Cozy country restaurant with summer terrace, football field, sauna with swimming pool, billiards, boating, fishing. A good option for a friendly sorties for a day.

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