The most interesting and unusual places in Kyiv

03 January 2012

The city of Kyiv is famous for its old history as well as for numerous parks, museums, temples and other outstanding architectural monuments. Of course, everyone knows about Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Maydan Nezalezhnosti and Mother Motherland, but there are some places in Kyiv that even some Kyiv residents know nothing about them. For instance, a theater café or the monument to nose. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So, there’s a list of places and institutions, about which you haven’t probably heard yet, and they may be interesting for you.


Restaurant "Vavilon"

Kyiv city, Saksaganskogo str., 6

(044) 287-45-13
(044) 287-75-13

Cafes and Restaurants

This legendary institution was visited by a huge number of figures of national and world art, who continue to relax here, and "fire" the other visitors with their acting talents. The restaurant's interior is made in the style of the House of Film - almost all made ​​of wood, the walls are covered with velours, and tables and chairs were made ​​to order in Austria.


Art-cafe "Budynok Bergonie"

city Kyiv, str. Pushkinskaya, 17

(044) 234-22-02
(044) 531-63-47

Cafes with terrace

This unusual art-cafe in the heart of the city is a favorite place of Kyiv theater's high society. The actors of Russian Drama Theater prefer to relax here, as well as guest performers and artists of all genres.


House with chimeras

Kyiv city, Bankovaya str., 10

Sightseeing places

This unusual building was built by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky in 1901-1903 as an apartment house with rooms for his family. Gorodetsky loved hunting, perhaps, so in his works there are so many sculptures of animals.


Botanical garden n.a. academician A.Fomin

Kyiv city, Simona Petlyry (Kominterna) str., 1

(044) 234-60-56

Sightseeing places

As a rule, many beautiful and interesting places in Kyiv are connected with its main symbol - a chestnut. In the botanical garden there's the famous avenue of chestnut, where the oldest chestnuts in Kyiv grow. The age of some of them is more than half a century. Despite their advanced age, these trees still bloom every spring.


Hreschatyi park

city Kyiv, Evropeyska Sq.

Parks and gardens

This park has one of the most unusual museums in Kyiv - the Museum of Water located in a water tower, whose age is greater than one hundred years. The museum has a variety of aquariums, a workable model of artesian well, as well as a stuffed giant rats and the largest toilet bowl in Ukraine.

A great place for a cultural rest and walks with the children. You will see here giant cats centipedes, elephants, fountains, tender zebras and giant sparrows. The walls lined with mosaics of children's faces, and trash cans are made in the form of dice-cubes. There is also a children's slide devoted to Alice in Wonderland.


Andrew's descent

city Kyiv, Andreevsky ds.

Sightseeing places

Among other things, Andriyivskyy Descent has an unusual monument, which is a nose with a mustache, a prototype of which are most likely the nose and mustache of writer Nikolai Gogol. This work draws crowds of people - every third passer-by "wipes" writer's nose, and many people take pictures with the "nose". There's a popular tale that if hold for that nose, you can get rid of a cold. How to find: 34 Andrew's descent, to the right of the entrance to the gallery "Triptych".


Monastery of St. Basil the Great of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Kyiv city, Voznesensky (Smirnova-Lastochkina) Descent, 7

(044) 486-14-69
(044) 486-44-08

Local organizations

Quite young, but a very famous temple of Greek Catholic Church. The temple is also known that in 2001 it was visited and blessed by Pope John Paul II himself.


Central Artist house

city Kyiv, str. Sichovyh Streltsov (Artema), 1/5

(044) 272-05-47

Galleries and Museums

The facade of the House the Artist at the Lviv Square is decorated with sculptures of seven women. Kievans often argue about their meaning. Officially, they are muses, which represent different art forms, but people call them "the seven who were hanged".


Golden Gate

Kyiv city, Vladimirskaya str., 40A

(044) 278-69-19
(044) 278-45-44

Galleries and Museums

Not far from the metro station "Golden Gate" there's a funny cat sculpture, made ​​entirely of disposable screwed forks. Also, being on the Golden Gate, it is impossible not to notice the bronze statue of a cat Panteleimon, established in 1998. According to legend, a huge Persian cat named Pantalaimon lived by the restaurant "Pantagruel". The cat was considered a kind of a talisman of the institution, and later it died in a fire at the restaurant. In memory of the pet, visitors have ordered and installed the statue in front of the entrance.


Richard the Lionheart castle

Kyiv city, Andreevsky ds., 15

Sightseeing places

This building made in the style of neo-Gothic English castle appeared on Andrew Descent through a building technician A. Krauss in 1904. Monumental facades are decorated with architectural elements of the castle-fortress - a variety of towers, steeples, jagged tops of the walls, etc. At various times, famous Ukrainian artists F. Krasitsky F., I. Makushenko and F. Balavensky lived in the house.


Kyiv-Pechersk lavra

city Kyiv, str. Ivana Mazepy (Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya), 25 build. 36

(044) 280-30-71

Sightseeing places

On the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, about 10 meters from the entrance to Lower Cave there's the oldest linden in Kyiv. According to legend, the linden was planted by the founder of the monastery - Abbot Theodosius of the Caves, on the burial place of his mother. Another legend says that the linden was planted by a local monk, who was buried in the hollow of the tree. According to experts, the linden of Theodosius of the Caves is 700-800 years old, the height is 18 meters, the coverage is 6.5 meters.


Baron Shteingel castle

Kyiv city, Yaroslavov Val str., 1

Sightseeing places

This architectural masterpiece, which is also called a "Knight Shelter", actually has a royal appearance, and it sufficiently well preserved to this day, because it is more than a century.


House with giraffes

Kyiv city, Vladimirskaya str., 77

Sightseeing places

A very old house in the city center that has one very notable feature - the architects of the Architectural Union have drawn large colorful giraffes on the front wall of the house.


House of crying widow

Kyiv city, Lyuteranskaya str., 23

Sightseeing places

The main feature of this building is a sad face of a woman fashioned in the facade. When it rains, tears flow down her stone cheeks and it seems that she is crying. Because of this bas-relief the house got its name. However, who is depicted on the bas-relief, and why does the "widow" cry still remains a mystery to historians of the city.


Coffee-house "Teatr kavy Kaffa"

Kyiv city, Grigoriya Skovorody str., 5A

(044) 425-38-45

Coffee shops

Thanks to the interior this coffee shop is called the theater. Halls of the house beat the history of the coffee business. In addition, the supply of coffee on the menu is presented as a theatrical plays. There is an introduction, action heroes (sort of coffee, dishes, corresponding attributes), location and time of the event. Among other things, there is a wide selection of good coffee and delicious desserts.

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