Where and how much it costs to fly over Kiev? Rest actively!

21 May 2012

Time to vacations, holidays, travel, beautiful tan and outdoor activities coming soon. But what do you have to do if you have to wait for starting "red date" when you can go to the long-awaited vacation for a long period of time? Or if you became a hostage of your work and perspective to have real vacation "for the next summer" doesn't make you happy? We want to suggest you to get rid of this stress due to positive stress. You will lose all "trash" in your head from surplus of adrenaline, which you'll receive during your flight on a balloon, paraplane or paratrayke. Watching the neighborhood from a height, you will understand how petty and insignificant are your problems and worries, and how beautiful and wonderful is world around us!


Pilots School Аir Base of KBS

village Kolonschyna, str. Lenina, 6A, Kyiv region, Makariv district

(044) 406-77-00

Flying clubs

With Pilots School Аir Base of Кyiv Ballooning Society (KBS), you can make:
  • flight on balloon over Kiev,
  • flight on balloon in the vicinity of Kyiv (in the Makarov area),
  • flight On air balloons in other parts of Ukraine.

It's possible to buy beautifully designed gift certificate for a trip on balloon at Kyiv Ballooning Society (KBS). Owners of such an unusual gift can use it over a year from the date of its receipt.


Kiev club of sports ballooning "Pilot"

Kyiv city, Borisa Zhitkova str., 7, office 1

(067) 929-89-89 (Tetyana)
(067) 261-05-21 (Oleksiy)
(044) 453-66-35
(044) 453-66-36

Other entertainment

With Kiev club of sports ballooning "Pilot" you have a chance to make flight on a balloon over Kiev:
  • over Pirogovo,
  • Darnytsa,
  • Dnipro,
  • Park Peremogy, and others
Also, it's possible to make flight in other cities of Ukraine: Kherson, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, Uman, Kamyanets-Podolsky, etc.

You can buy gift certificates with a wide variety of design options for the flights and aeronautic souvenirs at Kiev club of sports ballooning "Pilot".


Association "Para-Skuf" (DropZone "Borodyanka")

town Borodianka, Octyabrsky per. 9 , (Airodrome "Borodyanka")

(044) 553-26-43
(044) 522-92-36
(067) 733-58-18

Other entertainment

Only 40 km far away from Kyiv on the airfield "Borodyanka" you can make: the first independent round parachute jump , the first jump with a tandem master, to pass a training program (AFF), sports jumping (if you're already trained athlete jumper).

Price for parachute jumping in 2012:

  • jump with an instructor from a height of 4000 meters - from 1500 to 1800 UAH,
  • independent jump of the aircraft from a height of 800 meters - 300 UAH,
  • training course of modern program AFF (quick training of freefall) - from 1250 to 1500 UAH,
  • independent parachute jumping for athletes - 190 UAH,
  • educational-training jumping with instructors for parachutists athletes - 550 UAH.


Aeronautical сompany "Spart-Aero"

city Kyiv, str. Alyabjeva, 3

(050) 415-41-14
(044) 417-75-31
(044) 417-63-83

Other entertainment

Aeronautic Company "Spart-Aero" is organizing flights in balloons. You can make a trip on a balloon over Kiev, and over the surrounding area:
  • Vasilkivsky reg. (45 km from Kiev);
  • Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky (75 km from Kiev);
  • Bila Tserkva (75 km from Kiev);
  • Makarivsky reg.(50 km. from Kiev).
It's possible to make the flight in other cities of Ukraine. The cost of the walk on a balloon - from 400 to 14,000 UAH, depending on how many persons will flight on one baloon, time and location of the flight. It is possible to buy gift certificates for the flight.


Skydiving: Dropzone "Chaika"

city Kyiv, село Петропавловская Борщаговка, Аэродром "Чайка"

(067) 426-64-26
(044) 424-82-93

Summer entertainment

Only 10 km far away from Kiev towards city Zhytomir ot the side of the airfield "Chayka", you can make:
  • parachute jump with an instructor from a height of 4000 m (60 seconds of free fall + 5-6 min flight under the wing. Cost - from 1490 to 1690 UAH),
  • pass training program (8 exams) for self-paced jumps (1480 UAH for one jump),
  • make a self-paced jump(350 USD),
  • make athletic jumps if you are already a trained athlete jumper (cost - from 150 to 510 UAH).

There is all the convenience for leisure activities at the airport. You can take a tent. You can jump only on a weekends.


Company "Discovery club"

Kyiv city, Nauki ave., 42/1 build. 10

(067) 230-55-23


Those, who like outdoor activities can't be bored with the "Discovery Club". You will have a chance:
  • to flight on paratrayke,
  • take a trip on balloon,
  • to flight on plane for two with the ability of independent piloting and not only.

"Discovery Club" offers various types of active rest and competitions with using different sports equipment.


Company "Na share po Ukraine"

Kyiv city, Antonovicha (Gorkogo) str., 10, офис 26

(044) 230-27-31

Extmeme leasure

With the company "Na share po Ukraine" you have a chance to byu certificate for a walk on balloon anywhere in Ukraine (over Kyiv, Kamyanets-Podolsky, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Odessa). Walk programm includes:
  • flight on balloon,
  • transfer to the place of flight and back,
  • presentation of certificates and photographs, which were made from the ground when your flight on balloon was just beginning,
  • champagne.

You can flight on weekdays and weekends. Cost of the certificate: from 4500 to 5000 UAH, depending on how many persons will flight on one baloon. Gift certificate valid for one year from the date of its purchasing.


Flight Agency "V nebo"

city Kyiv, str. Prirechnaya, 13, 1st Floor, Office 6

(044) 383-20-70
(094) 927-90-70
(044) 383-20-70

Extmeme leasure

With flight Agency "V nebo" you can buy a certificate for a flight on any of the aircrafts :
  • plane (from 850 to 6750 UAH),
  • helicopter (from 1,900 to 22400 UAH),
  • paraplane (500 UAH),
  • glider (1200 UAH),
  • paratrayk (1600 UAH),
  • trike (900 UAH),
  • balloon (from 1700 to 11000 UAH),
  • simulator (from 300 to 350 UAH).

You can fly on planes, helicopters and other aircrafts not only in Kyiv but also in other cities (Zaporizhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Lviv, Sevastopol, Kharkiv).

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