Where to play paintball, strikeball, lasertag in Kyiv? Rest actively!

23 May 2012

If you are bored with lazy beach resting and you want to receive truly extreme feelings - it's time to visit the most popular places in Kyiv, where you can play paintball, strikeball, lasertag . It’s perfect variant of resting with your friends, or for corporate events and family weekends with the kids. Shooting balls with colored paint allow kids to show their courage, determination, patience and just to get one's kicks! For adults paintball may seem naive ... But it’s only on the face of it. In fact, you have a real chance to be in hero's of thriller "skin", despite your age and level of physical training. Due to playing strikeball you can feel yourself like on a real war, to receive some bruises like "combat wound", unlock your brain and pump up your "flabby body". After such crazy pastime you will dreaming about your favorite couch and good cartoons.

Hurry up! Only until 14, June 2012 you have the opportunity to buy a certificate for discount up to 60% for 2 hours game on extreme and exciting lasertag. Add adrenaline to your life with mapia.ua and club "Poligon 11"!


Military club "Polygon 11"

city Kyiv, Yuryivska bay, park Druzhby Narodiv

(095) 940-68-97
(097) 636-50-63


Military Club "Poligon 11" organizes outdoor lasertag games, which are carried out on playgrounds and landfills of the club. Provided you thought over with organizers, it is possible to play on laaway on client's territory. There All of the areas are sutable for the lasertag games: unfinished plants, buildings, parks and forests (even summer residence).

Price without discount (for a team from 8 to 20 people):

  • 2 hours game - 200 UAH/person
  • 3 hours game - 250 UAH/person
  • 4 hours game - 300 UAH/person.
Please, buy a discount certificate, play lasertag - and you'll receive an unforgettable experience, without a doubt!


Paintball club "Hyperion"

Kyiv city, Frunze str., 46

(050) 717-86-86
(044) 360-55-34
(097) 499-12-30


There are two modern playgrounds for paintball - Arena1, Arena2 in paintball club "Hyperion".


  • Mon (day of balls) - 150 UAH/person,
  • Tues-Thurs - from 10:00 till 14:00 150 UAH/person, from 16:00 till 22:00 - from 160 till 235 UAH/person,
  • Fri, Sat, Sun from 10:00 till 22:00 - from 190 to 265 UAH/person,
  • For schoolchild and students (from Monday to Thursday) the cost of the game is 80 UAH/person.

There are dressing room, modern and high quality showers, a cafe-bar, conference hall, viewing platforms for rest and looking for the team games and much more in paintball club "Hyperion".


Paintball club "Gepard"

Kyiv city, Pobedy ave., 139

(098) 111-99-11
(044) 222-99-68
(044) 592-22-80
(067) 405-66-24


There are seven different playgrounds, 300 sets of reliable equipment, 900 sets of forms, convenient and comfortable place to relax after a game in paintball club "Gepard".

Price for paintball services:

  • Package "Unlimited". For adults - 59 UAH, for children/students - 49 UAH.
  • Package "Limited" (90 minutes). For adults, children/students - 25 UAH (weekends and holidays: for adults, children/students - 40 UAH).

You have to pay extra for balls:

  • 100 pieces - 30 UAH.
  • 1 box (2000 pieces) - 600 UAH.

It's possible to play paintball away, almost in every region of Ukraine.


Paintball club "Falkon"

Kyiv city, Akademika Glushkova ave., 9

(044) 362-65-55 (ordering)
(050) 572-45-53 (shop)
(094) 927-35-55 (club)


Paintball club "Falcon" organizes recreational paintball games, paintball tournaments, night games of paintball, scenario games, away games (including on territory of customer).

There are two playgrounds in the club: "Arena" (70x70 meters), "Uragan" (46x31 meters).


  • Weekdays: equipment - 40 UAH + 100 balls - 25 UAH (box of 2000 balls - 500 UAH).
  • Weekend: equipment - 50 UAH + 100 balls - 30 UAH (box of 2000 balls - 550 UAH).
  • System of discount is valid.

Playing time is not limited. You can play until you have the balls.

For the visitors there are: paintball equipment store, showers, cafes, grills, video hall with screen, picnic area in paintball club "Falcon". You can buy gift certificates for the game of paintball.


Paintball club "Ganz"

city Kyiv, ave. Akademika Glushkova, 1, hall 21

(050) 500-62-00
(044) 587-82-83


In paintball club, "Ganz" you have a chance:
  • To play paintball on one of the 4 playgrounds:
    • "Lisovyi" - 50x50 m
    • "Tayga" - 55x30 m
    • "Bochka" - 6x21 m
    • "Bunker" - 3000 m2
  • Rent (or buy) peyntball equipment
  • To learn basic sports and tactic teams
  • To order upgrades and tuning of models of paintball markers
  • To order sales service of paintball equipment
  • To make a gift to friends, buying certificate for the game.

Also provided: Free Wi-Fi zone, BBQ, free parking.


Paintball club "Bugai"

Kyiv city, Vozdukhoflotsky ave., 63

(093) 771-05-02
(044) 227-70-12


Paintball club "Bugai" offers services with organization and holding paintball games, tournaments, corporate events, children's parties.

There are on the territory of the club:

  • two playgrounds "Saigon" and "Terminal",
  • inflatable box for 20 pieces (for away games),
  • changing room with personal storage turnkey basis,
  • free parking,
  • barbecues for special occasions.
In addition, full lighting playing field makes it's possible to play in the evening and night time.


Paintball club "Bears"

Kyiv city, Akademika Vernadskogo blvd., 32

(044) 240-11-44
(050) 462-11-44
(068) 370-11-11 (reservation)
(044) 599-10-39
(067) 209-46-62


Paintball club "Bears" offers services with organization and holding of: games of paintball, corporate entertainment, tournaments, parties on the basis of paintball, corporate training organizations with the elements of the game of paintball.


  • Mon (day of balls) - 90 UAH/person (300 balls per person)
  • Tues-Thurs from 09:00 till 14:00 - 90 UAH/person (300 balls per person)
  • Tues-Thurs from 09:00 till 22:00 - from 95 to 125 UAH/person (depending on quantity of balls per person)
  • Fri, Sat, Su. from 10:00 till 22:00 - from 110 to 150 UAH/person (depending on quantity of balls per person)
  • For schoolchild and students from Mon-Thu: 60 UAH/person (200 balls).

The price includes everything needed for the game (rent of platform, instruction, refereeing, filling with the air, camouflage, gun, thermal mask, gloves). You can buy gift certificates for the paintball game.


Restaurant "Razguliaevo"

Kyiv city, Stolichnoe highway, 70

(044) 502-22-22 (information service)
(044) 259-17-00 (reserve)
(044) 502-49-49

Cafes and Restaurants

Paintball club works with a Restaurant "Razguliaevo". Games are held on a specially-equipped forest playing fields (50x30 m). If you would like to, it's possible to combined two fields can for one big field of 50 to 60 meters.


  • Entry ticket: 60 UAH/person for 1 hour.
  • Cost paintballs: 100 pieces - 36 UAH 2000 balls (box) - 600 UAH.

Entry ticket includes:

  • Rent of play equipment (gun, mask, uniforms, gloves)
  • Unlimited filling with compressed air
  • Instruction
  • Refereeing
  • Сleaning equipment after game.

It's possible to play on territory of customer.


Company "Discovery club"

Kyiv city, Nauki ave., 42/1 build. 10

(067) 230-55-23


"Discovery Club" offers different types of outdoor activities, including organization and holding of paintball tournaments and competitions using different sports and activities, transfer to the place of the game.

It's possible to rent tents, awnings, furniture.


Military and sports club "Poligon Alfa 11T"

Kyiv city, Krasnotkatskaya str., 94

(063) 121-77-51
(067) 404-99-32

Sports centers

Military and sports club "Poligon Alfa 11T" offers services of organizing the military-tactical games with modern equipment (lasertag), which are take place on the sites of Kiev and its environs.


  • Teams from 5 to 20 persons: 1 play hour - 100 UAH/person, 2 play hour - 200 UAH/person, 3 play hour - 250 UAH/person.
  • All day game - 350 UAH/person.
  • The cost of the game for a company (more than 20 people) discussed individually.

For corporate events, organizing of complex thematic scenarios individual rates are valid.

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