Where to ride on quadrocycles in Kyiv? Rest actively!

25 May 2012

Do you like high speed and strong feelings? Do you want to receive your "shot of adrenaline” and positive emotions? Please, gather with your family or with your friends - and go on a research new territories on the quadrocycles. It's not so difficult to saddle up "four-wheel horse" for those, who had never driven. Quadrocycle is like a big, non-controling constraction only on the face of it. In fact, it’s very strong, agile, wieldy and quick mini off-road vehicle. Even children can drive on it. You will not feel tired even after hours of driving. Only new, unforgettable experience and you will be in good mood!


Sports Сlub of Actively Family Rest "SKASO"

city Kyiv, near metro "Chervonyi khutir", opposite shtrafbat

(093) 753-09-00
(050) 411-21-68

Extmeme leasure

Sports club of actively family rest organize tours on quadrocycles and buggies.


  • Walk through the woods on quadrocycles - 300 grn/1 hour walks, 220 grn/30 min. walk (weekdays, weekends)
  • Extreme tour on quadrocycle on the road to the tank - 400 UAH/1 hour walk (weekdays and weekends)
  • One day trip on quadrocycles - 750 UAH per person (about 60 km. highway + picnic)
  • Walk through the woods on buggy - 350 UAH/1 hour walk, 250 grn/30 min. walk
  • Test drive around the ring length, 1.5 km - 80 UAH/1 lap (quadrocycles), 90 UAH/1 round (buggy).
Place of skiing: one stop on any transport (bus, taxi) from the metro station "Chervonyi khutir", opposite shtrafbat.


Country complex "Grand Admiral Club"

city Irpin', str. Radians'ka, 116

(067) 219-41-49 (рецепция гостиницы)
(044) 393-33-57 (рецепция гостиницы)
(044) 393-33-56


There are so many entertainments for every taste, mood and company in the country complex "Grand Admiral Club"! Rental cost of quadrocycles (for one person, for adult): 350 UAH/1 hour for 1 car.

While you will ride on quadrocycle, your kids can frolic. There are such entertainments for young clients:

  • velomobiles (100 UAH/1 hour)
  • mini-cars (1 token - 20 UAH)
  • shooting (20 shots - 20 UAH)
  • pools (125 UAH - for children up to 12 years old, free of charge -for children up to 7 years old)
  • hill "Adrenaline" (1 descent - 10 UAH)
  • children's room, and so much more.



city Kyiv, str. Trukhanivska, W/N, 200 meters of a pedestrian bridge to the north

(044) 227-03-12 (corporate orders)
(044) 227-03-69 (information and reservations)

Summer entertainment

With "QuadroQuest" you can go into an unforgettable excursion on quadrocycles in the most picturesque places in Kiev and out of it.


  • Quest on quadrocycles
  • Rent of quadrocycles(rental price depends on the quantity of quadrocycles, duration of walking and transfer, if you need)
  • Holiday for adults on quadrocycles (duration of the quest - about 3 hours)
  • Holiday for childrens on quadrocycles (duration of the quest - about 3 hours).
Quadrocycles located in extreme entertainment park "Baza specnaza".


Sports and entertainment complex "X-Park"

city Kyiv, Yuryivska bay, park Druzhby Narodiv

(067) 403-73-57
(044) 229-26-17

Summer entertainment

There are 4 professional Bombardier quadrocycle with instructors in extreme park «X-Park». Also, you can ride on quadrocycle on one of some interesting and varied with length and difficult routes.

The cost of riding depends on the time and route.


Company "Discovery club"

Kyiv city, Nauki ave., 42/1 build. 10

(067) 230-55-23


With "Discovery Club" you have a chance to go on a safari on quadrocycles (Yamaha Grizzly 660), accompanied by instructors, to rent quadrocycles for a walk. The club has several areas for riding in the picturesque places of Kiev and Kiev region. According to the agreement you can to ride on quadrocycles in other places, which you like.

The cost of "Safari" - from 350 UAH per 1 hour (one quadrocycles).


Sport-shooting complex "Sapsan"

city Brovary, Chkalova str, 29

(04594) 6-71-07
(067) 503-77-52

Sports complexes

There are 10 quadrocycles in the sport-shooting complex "Sapsan". Price: 600 UAH/1 hour a ride on the territory of the complex (30 ha), and also on the territory of military unit.

Also there are cameras and parking on the territory of complex. Experienced instructors are always have watching over the safety of their clients.


Club of extreme adventures "Gasai"

city Kyiv, 41 km of Kiev-Odessa route (E-95), after crossing the river Stugna

(067) 402-78-78 (quadracycles rent)
(067) 734-85-85 (aquabike rent)

Extmeme leasure

Rent of quadrocycle - from 350 UAH/1 hour drive. You can buy an extreme gift (may include a trip on quadrocycle, barbecue, snacks + gift from the club) in club of extreme adventures "Gasai". You can buy gift certificate also at Kiev, blv. Druzhby narodiv, 21. Phone number: (044) 592-25-09.

For quadrocycles rent you should have identity document and some money (2000 UAH) as a guarantee.


Rancho "Bolivar"

city Kyiv, село Здоровка, ул. Щорса, 114

(050) 352-53-87
(044) 451-54-54

Summer entertainment

Country entertainment complex "Rancho Bolivar" - it's real paradise! This komplex offers a plenty of entertainments, rent of quadrocycles inclusive. Price: 450 UAH/1 hour of ride, 1 car.

Also you have a chance to do horse riding, to play paintball, badminton, tennis, billiards, to pass the trail of adventure, "Indian Village", archery, to fishing, to have a tasty meal and just relax in Complex "Rancho Bolivar"!


Bar-restaurant "Dalnyi cordon"

village Rovzhi, Kyiv region., Vyshgorod distr.

(067) 320-58-50

Cafes and Restaurants

While visiting the restaurant "Dalnyi Kordon" you can rest in beautiful scenic location and to ride on quadrocycles.

The cost of quadrocycles rent - 200 UAH/1 hour (1 quadrocycle).