Children's cafe in Kiev.

29 May 2012

Do you remember yourself as a child? Go with the parents at the cafe was an event for us! Cakes, pastries, ice cream, juices and sweets all this is so like kids. Treat your child not only on holiday! And we, in turn, will help you navigate the huge selection of restaurants in Kiev. Namely for this case, we have for you the best children's cafe.


Child cafe "Dzhumandzhi"

Kyiv city, Slavgorodskaya str., 23, Ресторанно-развлекательный комплекс "Кабачок на Бочок", 1 этаж

(044) 576-04-76
(050) 386-09-98

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In "Jumanji", you will plunge into a fairy tale. Hall turned upside down! Children's playroom "Rebus - Cherdachok," occupies the entire third floor of the complex. A lot of entertaining and educational games, puzzles, constructors, video game consoles Sony PlayStation 2 and 3 models, plasma TV to watch cartoons, mini slide and a large variety of toys will impress your beloved child. Professional Housekeeper works with children, and will always be able to organize their leisure time. Operates from 9:00 to 22:00. Payment 20 UAH per hour.


Restaurant "Tampopo"

Kyiv city, Saksaganskogo str., 55

(044) 289-29-99

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Tampopo - in Japanese - dandelion - peculiar business card of restaurant and a symbol of the movement, development, change and infinity. Author's where everyone can find something that is looking for: foodies - bright authoring, lovers of Japanese food - cooked in the best tradition of sushi rolls and sashimi, kids - favorite fairy food.


Restaurant complex "Fortetsia"

city Kyiv, Georgiya Gongadze (Radyanskoy Ukrainy) ave., 21

(044) 463-51-30
(044) 463-51-31

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Anyone who enters the territory of the restaurant's "Fortress", be sure to succumb to the charm of a magical atmosphere. Here, your child will feel like a fairy tale: girls - princesses, boys - the knights and princes. Also for kids there is a special "Children's menu."


Family leisure center "Dyvosvit"

city Kyiv, str. Marshala Malinovskogo, 24/10

(044) 502-00-88 (multichannel)

Entertainment centers

Here is cafe, "Cosmo port" and "Kitchen kromanyontsa." Cafe "Cosmo Port" - this unique cafe offers an opportunity to get into the atmosphere of an imaginary space ship and make gastronomy journey into the virtual space. There is karaoke!
"Kitchen kromanyontsa." In this cafe beautifully reproduced the principle of hunting. It is easy to feel like a prehistoric hunter, who hunts for prey, and chooses the one that thinks for itself delicious.


Child restaurant "Bebi Bar"

Kyiv city, Lvovskaya sq., 4A

(044) 537-22-23

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Hospitable, small and very cozy cafe. For kids is equipped play room, where they will look good and cheerful nurse.


Restaurant "Mambo"

Kyiv city, Druzhby Narodov blvd., 5

(044) 522-82-24

Cafes and Restaurants

In the VIP-hall "Cactus" from 13:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays and Sundays is a children's headquarters. Here, the children engaged in none other than the well-known throughout the capital Aunt Gala. Young guests 4-12 years old she teaches to the artistic of modeling.


Restaurant "Opalkova Khata"

Kyiv city, Petropavlovskaya str., 16

(044) 466-88-06
(044) 274-97-82

Cafes with terrace

Especially for your little ones on the territory of the first Polish restaurant is children's playground, which will not get bored of any one child. Professional animators will give your kids a real celebration with gifts, prizes and fun contests. Animators are waiting for your kids every Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 19:00.


Child karaoke-cafe "Kudriashka"

Kyiv city, Kosogorny ln., 10

(044) 272-05-45

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This is the place where the fairy-tale atmosphere will give all of your family, wonderful emotions, and the dishes will satisfy the most demanding tastes of young palates. Games Room styling for a pirate ship, full of toys. A large playground in the yard, where a child can play snowballs in the winter or enjoy the fresh air in the warm time of year, riding on a hill or playing in the sandbox. The entire territory is under protection.


Bistro of hotel complex "Chabany"

town Chabany, Kiev-Odessa highway, 7 km

(044) 526-40-23


In the restaurant for children resettled a huge playground, a zoo and a children's room. From 12:00 to 23:00 for the young guests looked after by a governess. All entertainment and services for children are free. In the restaurant - a constant children's menu (the average price of meals - 25 UAH).


Restaurant "O`Panas"

Kyiv city, Tereshchenkovskaya str., 10

(044) 585-05-23

Cafes with terrace

The restaurant has a children's menu, where in addition to main courses (an average of 15 UAH.) presented a special dessert. For kids equipped a living area - with rabbits, fish, and rooster, which can be fed. All kids necessarily give the soap bubbles. Restaurant is situated opposite the playground.


The author's theater-cafe "Teatrion"

city Kyiv, ave. Geroev Stalingrada, 24

(044) 360-05-76


A professional team of actors, animators, managers and chefs with extensive experience offering you a fun, bright and delicious birthday celebration or just relax.

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