Where to cook barbecue in Kiev?

24 April 2013

To the inhabitants of Kiev, who want to get out on holidays for a picnic noew far from home, we offer a list of city parks and recreation areas, where one can play football, eat barbeque and simply breathe fresh air. Buy the things you need for it beforehad, marinate meat, take sports equipment and go relax with friends! Don't forget to collect the trash after yourself - if you don't care about keeping the nature clean, take care about saving your money (the fine of 1-3 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens).


Park "Druzhby narodiv"

city Kyiv, General Vatutin Ave., Moscow bridge

Sightseeing places

The park has rentals of boats and catamarans, there is table tennis, you can rent balls and racquets. There are a comfortable places of rest, and "wild" areas.


Park of partisan glory

city Kyiv, str. Slavgorodskaja

Parks and gardens

Popular among inhabitants of Kharkov array. There are usually a lot of vacationers during the May holidays, so come early to occupy a place.

Beautiful nature, clean air, pine forest. What else do you need to relax?



Kyiv city, Gidropark , W/N

Parks and gardens

There are many cafes, restaurants, discos, attractions, sports grounds. And if you walk a bit deeper - you can retire and relax with friendly company.


Park "Nyvky"

Kyiv city, Pobedy ave., 82

Parks and gardens

Once there were government cottages, and now it is a favorite place of recreation for inhabitants of Shevchenko district.

Furnished recreation zone with 10 cottages-coverings and 11 tables with chairs in the open air.

Favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of Obolon district.


Recreation area

city Kyiv, str. Onore de Balzaka

Parks and gardens

Recreation area in Desnyanskiy district of the capital, across the street from the shopping center "Global UA". Not improved.


Golosiivskiy park

city Kyiv, ave. Goloseevskij (40-letija Oktjabrja)

Parks and gardens

After eating the barbecue in the park you can rent a boat, there are also children's rides.


Park "Pobedy"

city Kyiv, ave. Osvoboditelej

Parks and gardens

Park is located near the metro station Darnitsa. Recently been landscaped, there's a wooden houses in which you can shelter from the rain, children's rides.


Recreation base "Pridorozhnaja"

city Kyiv, ave. Brovarskoj, near GAI post

Parks and gardens

Located on the route Kiev-Chernigov, just behind the post of GAI. There are wooden tables and benches.

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