The Podil

26 June 2010

The song called "There`s no Kyiv without the Podil" is surely familiar to many people. What`s so important in this district? Firstly, it received its name out of the location at the foot of a hills on the shores of Dnipro. The main trade and hadicraft centers of Kyivan Rus were located right here. Nowadays it`s one of the most prestigious districts of Kyiv. The great number of sights, expencive restaurants, silent little streets, and the quay of Dnipro river are located here. So if you are in Kiyv, take a walk down the Podil and you`ll see the soul of the city.


Samson fountain

city Kyiv, Sq. Kontraktovaya

Sightseeing places

According to a legend if there`s a fountain, there`s Kyiv.

The hill where the church is placed, is called Mountain of Andriy, in the name of Saint Andrew.


Church of Our Lady Pirogoshcha

Kyiv city, Frolovskaya str., 1

(044) 425-20-11

Sightseeing places

The church was build in 12th century.


National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

city Kyiv, str. Grigoriya Skovorody, 2

(044) 425-45-15
(044) 425-60-22
(044) 463-67-83

Higher education

One of the oldest universities of Ukraine.


Sagaydachnogo street

city Kyiv, st. Sagaydachnogo

Sightseeing places

It`s the street where the first tram was started up. Now there are many cafes and retaurants here.


House of Peter the First

city Kyiv, str. Khoriva, 6/8

Sightseeing places

The oldest house in Podil. People say even Peter the Great stayed here.



Kyiv city, Pochtovaya sq., 3

(044) 425-24-55
(044) 425-12-68

Sightseeing places

One of the favorite places of rest of kyivers. One can ride a walking boat, visit a discotheque and restaurant or take a walk on the quay.



city Kyiv, str. Petra Sagaidachnogo, 3

(044) 425-12-52

Sightseeing places

Funicular was opened in 1905. It transports about 4 million passengers per year.


Richard the Lionheart castle

Kyiv city, Andreevsky ds., 15

Sightseeing places

People say that the wild howling is heard in the evenings.


Andrew's descent

city Kyiv, Andreevsky ds.

Sightseeing places

One of the ancient streets. Bulgakov lived here. Now Bulgakov`s museum is located at the address 13, Andriyivskyy Descent.


Contract house

Kyiv city, Mezhygorskaya str., 1

Sightseeing places

All contracts were made exactly in this house.

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