From now on is easy to use on your phone!

If you are lucky to have a smartphone, now you can use the functions of our site on your phone - search of businesses, map and even more!

Мобильная версия Mapia на AndroidМобильная версия Mapia на iPhone

Using the mobile version of you can:

  • Search for objects near you - the lists of search results and categories are sorted by distance from your location;
  • Make bookmarks of your favorite places or the places that you want to visit;
  • Write reviews on places you have visited (For more information about the reviews, please read Content Guidelines).

In addition, now it is easier for you to help us make our site better. By using your smartphone, you can add a business that is not presented on our site.

Well, enough talk, see it for yourself at:

Mobile version is available on: iOS 3.2-5, Android 2.1-2.3, WP7, Blackberry 6-7, WebOS 1.4-3, Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile 11, Kindle 3.