Sport and dances in Nikolaev

30 March 2011

Became warmer in the street, which means that soon it will be possible to take off coats, winter jackets and boots, over which so comfortable to hide small lacks of a figure. Take care of your body and it will thank you in full in the beach season. Our selection will tell you where to put yourself in shape and learn to dance, to become a real star of any dancefloor. Go on!


Ice rink "Golfstream"

Mykolaiv city, General Karpenka str., 46

(068) 290-40-40

Skating rinks

Ice-fitness - figure skating for adults. Positive aspects are obvious: all the muscles of the body are involved, produces the correct posture, develop rhythm and expressive movement. By the way, an hour of riding burns 400 calories, which means that it is also an effective tool for weight loss.


Exemplary collective sports ball dance ensemble "Nuance"

Mykolaiv city, Faleevskaya str., 7

(067) 511-2618
(066) 753-6677

Dancing schools

Three main groups in the collective of 9-12 years, 13-15 years, 16 years and over - is the youngest, middle and high. For these groups are set the concert numbers, here are involved in sports "dancing". Classes are held two times a week in the evening for 1 hour.


School of Korean martial arts "Hapkido"

Mykolaiv city, Skul'ptora Izmalkova str., 132

(096) 229-9943

Sports schools

Some mixture of martial arts and spiritual. Until recently, remained a closed system Hapkido of preparation of special troops and CIA about the existence of which nothing was known. In the system of Hapkido pays special attention to energetic trainings. That is the reason that training conducted in groups with a limited amount of involved, with an individual approach to each one. This personal approach allows any beginner in spite of his physical condition and state of health to quickly master a martial art, and as a consequence of adding confidence in their abilities, improve their health and gain peace of mind.


Fitness club "L-fitness"

Mykolaiv city, Lenina ave., 67

(512) 47-10-84

Sport clubs

Yoga, Tai Bo, aqua aerobics, boxing, gym, fitball, belly dancing, strip plastic, spa. Single club card - 1 Month 470 UAH, when buying a subscription for one year 50% discount (235 UAH per month).


Salsa Studio "Alma Cubana"

Mykolaiv city, Korabelov ln., 2C

(0512) 71-18-31

Dancing schools

At school you can learn to dance salsa, merengue, bachata, rueda de casino. Studio is remarkable that students receive the material not only from its instructors, but also from guest teachers from other cities. Also, the studio salseros attend international festivals, workshops of teachers from other countries, including Cuba, and constantly improve their level and qualification.


Club "Zumba Fitness"

Mykolaiv city, Korabelov ln., 2C, sports and dance club "Dance Style"

(050) 394-72-59

Sport clubs

For an hour of Zumba fitness you burn up to 1,000 calories. Regularly attending training of Zumba, you will not only improve the shape of your body, but also quietly learn to dance so popular now dances like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata, etc., which then can be used at any party or nightclub.


School of choreografic art "Terpsykhora"

Mykolaiv city, Spasskii ds., 13

(0512) 36-99-22

Dancing schools

"Terpsykhora" in Greek mythology - the goddess of dance. Program of school activities aims to maximize exposure and improve the physical, spiritual and emotional capabilities of each pupil of the school and the removal of physical defects through collective trainings and individual sessions with a selection of exercises and their intensity.


Fitness club "Dance-Style"

Mykolaiv city, Korabelov ln., 2B

(063) 595-24-21

Sport clubs

Salsa - 150 UAH / month, latin, modern dance, pilates - 180 UAH / month, belly dancing, fitness, yoga, strip plastic - 200 UAH / month kekoshunkay karate - 120 UAH / month, one-off exercise - 20 UAH.


Federation of Aikido Aikikai "Bonsai"

Mykolaiv city, Komsomol'skaya str., 11

Sports schools

"Bonsai" will be able to expand your interests, provide information not only about our life in the world of Aiki, but also about the development of this remarkable form of martial art at Nikolaev ground. Classes are held 3 times a week for 2 hours.


Club of ballroom sports dance "Gratsiia"

Mykolaiv city, Sudostroitelei sq., 3

(050) 619-04-61

Dancing schools

Groups of all ages. Experienced coaches. Latin American dances, waltz, tango.

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