Where is free Wi-Fi in Mykolaiv?

13 January 2012

Nowadays almost everyone has access to the Internet, and we can’t even imagine our life without it, so we use it in cafes, restaurants and other public places. And if you search for a place to check out email, to read the latest news and like your friend’s picture, our list of free spots may be useful for you.


Restaurant "McDonald's"

city Mykolaiv, str. Admiral Makarov, 23

(0512) 47-40-37


The most popular fast food restaurant. There is open access to the Internet. The signal quality can be described as good, but judging by the reviews, sometimes the signal is weak.


Central bus station

city Mykolaiv, city Mykolaiv, ave. Oktyabr'skii, 21

(0512) 24-00-36
(0512) 76-50-85

Bus stations

To gain access to the Internet, you need to buy a bus ticket. The coverage area - the area of ​​the bus station.


Restaurant "Pizza Celentano"

Mykolaiv city, Faleevskaya str., 10

(0512) 58-47-60


The original interior, friendly staff and great pizza. Open access. Good signal quality.

Free Wi-Fi on the third floor. Password - MILANO1975. The signal is good.


Night club "Kariby"

Mykolaiv city, Mira ave., 32

(0512) 71-17-07

Night clubs

The club has a free Wi-Fi with open access.


Restaurant of slavonian cuisine "Guliai pole"

Mykolaiv city, Mira ave., 68А

(0512) 44-57-46

Cafes and Restaurants

There is free Wi-Fi with open access.


Pizzeria "Vladam"

Mykolaiv city, Sadovaya str., 3B, corner of str. Bolshaya Morskaya

(0512) 47-50-72
(0512) 47-61-77


Enjoy authentic Italian pizza, Ukrainian borscht and delicious pancakes. Yet there is open access to the internet with a good signal.


Restaurant "Kazbek"

Mykolaiv city, Naberezhnaya str., 5

(051) 258-21-71

Cafes and Restaurants

Caucasian cuisine restaurant . In addition to authentic Georgian dishes there is free Wi-Fi with open access.


Hotel "Ingul"

Mykolaiv city, Admiral'skaya str., 34

(0512) 35-22-61
(0512) 35-65-43


Comfortable hotel in the town center. There are places with open access. Medium signal.


Restaurant "Gostynnyi dvir"

Mykolaiv city, Generala Sviridova str., 38

(0512) 21-41-34
(0512) 21-20-29

Cafes and Restaurants

There is an open access. People say that the signal is bad.

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