Active rest in Mykolaiv.

30 May 2012

Finally, warm days have taken their toll, life abounds, and you in all this euphoria of spring and summer full of energy? If you are tired of the grayness of everyday life, and cinemas, theaters and museums are no longer impressive, then just for you we have gathered companies providing services to active recreation!


Dive-club "Morskaya Cherepaha"

city Mykolaiv, ave. Geroev Stalingrada, 4

(067) 576-70-70

Diving centers

Still no one was born with a balloon on the back and with mouthpiece in the mouth. This one comes with the passage of time or do not come at all. If you are from the first category, we on the one way. Experience shows that vivid memories leave not only immersed in beautiful exotic locations, but the most common immersion, held in pleasant company.


Diving club "Kasyara"

city Mykolaiv, ave. Lenina, 93V, office 510

Diving centers

Individual training and international certification of divers of all skill levels (from beginner to instructor), all kinds of diving specialties. Spearfishing. Akvatlon.


Water park "Vodolii"

Mykolaiv city, Oktyabr'skii ave., 323

(0512) 63-40-62
(0512) 48-96-66

Water parks

Sports, children's pool, pool with rides. European water treatment technologies, while the total water exchange - 3 hours, the water temperature in pools 27 C, in the children's pool + 32C.


Пейнтбольный клуб "Диябло"

city Mykolaiv, ave. Oktyabr'skii, 43А

(099) 756-27-60


For present fighters of the spirit - strong men and beautiful women paintball club "Diyablo" offers extreme rest in Nikolaev! Paintball in Nikolaev will give you a fighting spirit and an extreme test, a sense of danger - the adrenaline, self-assertion and self-esteem!


Company "Imperiia Shvydkosti"

Mykolaiv city, Zavodskaya str., 1/1

(093) 295-18-85
(0512) 59-11-84
(0512) 59-18-84


Karting Club "Empire of speed" invites you to have a great time and get a lot of fun! We provide services to rent karts. You can relax in a cozy cafe. Also in the territory of kartodrom is the only carcinema in Nikolaev.


Paintball club "Tarantino"

city Mykolaiv, ave. Mira, 44

(063) 460-85-84
(097) 918-32-36


Rental paintball gear and equipment. Holding paintball competitions, corporate events, friendly meetings, birthdays, picnics.


Paintball club "TT"

city Mykolaiv, str. Shevchenko, 30

(093) 741-77-29
(050) 394-69-89
(0512) 59-07-77
(0512) 42-39-49


Association of paintball clubs in Nikolaev, offers you a wonderful vacation with friends and colleagues in an atmosphere of celebration and recreation! Those who want to participate in this wonderful sport, to get lot of fun, positive mood, to feel an extreme, so necessarily need play paintball from association of paintball clubs "TT"!


The regional Yacht Club

city Mykolaiv, str. Sportivnaya, 7

(0512) 36-92-31
(0512) 36-76-40

Yacht clubs

Mykolaiv Regional Specialized Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve in sailing.


Yacht Club "Kommunarovets"

city Mykolaiv, ave. Geroev Stalingrada, 1B

(0512) 43-04-29

Yacht clubs

Integrated Children and Youth Sports School. The club equipped with seats parking, a crane, there is a carpenter and locksmith shops, battery, electric welding. Two hundred meters - gas stations. In the same place school of yacht captains "Nautical School".

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