Entartainment in Mykolaiv

01 July 2010

What can you see and where to cast away in the city? We know and have decided to share with you. In this collection you'll find a place to rest after your heart: activities in the water park, museums for those who are interested in history and culture, cinemas - if you like shows...


Water park "Vodolii"

Mykolaiv city, Oktyabr'skii ave., 323

(0512) 63-40-62
(0512) 48-96-66

Water parks

A number of slides, pools for children and adults, there is even a diving board.


Regional museum of local history

Mykolaiv city, Dekabristov str., 32

(0512) 47-07-16
(0512) 47-07-18
(0512) 47-07-19 (касса)

Galleries and Museums

The museum was founded back in 1803, and its collection includes more than 160 000 exhibits.


Museum of shipbuilding and fleet

Mykolaiv city, Admiral'skaya str., 4

(0512) 35-12-94

Galleries and Museums

The only museum in Ukraine, where you will learn about the history of shipbuilding.


Gallery in Spaska,45

Mykolaiv city, Spasskaya str., 45

(0512) 50-02-12

Galleries and Museums

The gallery regularly holds exhibitions of both Ukrainian and foreign countries' artists.


Cinema "Batkivshchyna"

Mykolaiv city, Moskovskaya str., 9

(0512) 37-32-91 (касса)
(0512) 37-32-84 (автоответчик)
(0512) 37-32-87


This is the central theater of the city, which was built in 1958-1961 and works up to this day.


Mykolaev yacht-club

Mykolaiv city, Sportivnaya str., 7

Sightseeing places

One can go on yacht in this club.


Cinema "Multypleks"

Mykolaiv city, Lenina ave., 98

(0512) 58-88-00 (автоответчик)
(0512) 58-87-00 (бронь)


Modern cinema in which movie premieres are always hold.


Mykolaev Zoo

city Mykolaiv, Leontovycha Sq.1, Mykolaiv, 54003, Ukraine

(0512) 24-63-77
(0512) 55-60-45

Sightseeing places

One of the oldest zoos in Ukraine.


Company "Imperiia Shvydkosti"

Mykolaiv city, Zavodskaya str., 1/1

(093) 295-18-85
(0512) 59-11-84
(0512) 59-18-84


It's fun for the amateurs of speed - go-karting.


Night club "Shtorm"

Mykolaiv city, Sadovaya str., 4

(0512) 46-46-77

Night clubs

One of the best night clubs of the city.

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