Mapia API is a service that allows integrating Mapia maps on the pages of other sites. You can use dynamic or static option. API is presented in three langages - Ukrainian, Russian and English. The maps data is provided by the PJSC "VISICOM".

Dynamic Mapia API:

By using Mapia API you receive:

  • The map of Ukraine and the detailed maps of 12 cities of Ukraine, which load fast and are updated with new objects regularly (buildings, streets, addresses, etc);
  • The possibility to place on a map any markers with the filling of information, which may include a text, photo, video or panorama;
  • The possibility to use Mapia API for free (up to 5000 requests per day) or to order commercial option with no limitations with the feature of developing additional functions.

Documentation of Mapia API

If you are interested in the commercial option of Mapia API with no limitations with additional features, please write us at .

Example of dynamic Mapia API:

Static API:

Static API will let you show the location of an object on a map. For example, it can be your office in “Contacts” section for the convenience of the users of your site and your clients.

Static Mapia API creates a map on the basis of URL parameters, which are directed as a standard HTML query, and returns the map in a form of a static picture, which you can put on your site.

Example of static Mapia API:ул.Саксаганського 97&marker_title=Музей Леси Украинки&size=500x250&zoom=15&city=Киев&encoding=UTF-8

Музей Леси Украинки

Variable elements:

  • city is the address of an object to be placed. A map will be centered at this address, and the marker will be exactly at this address.
    We recommend making sure that this address really exists, and it is written by you correctly. Otherwise, you will see “Address not found” instead of a map
  • marker_title is the content of a marker. You may write any text that you want to represent on the marker (address, object name, description, etc)
  • size is the pixel size of a map to be represented. You can set the options you need
  • lang (optional parameter) is the language of inscriptions on maps (Ru, Ua)
  • zoom is the height level of fragments, which are generated. The value can be from 6 to 18, where 6 is a maximal zooming out, and 18 is a maximal zooming in to the map.
  • encoding is parameters code. The default setting is UTF-8. The optional option is CP1251 (For Windows encoding)