Placement of non standards on Mapia site

Mapia offers nonstandard advertising solutions. Do you want to surprise and interest a potential customer? Mapia offers to make the advertisement nonstandard and original.

3D objects

It is possible to place the 3D model of a building or buildings complex with animation, to show the planning of rooms, and to add a description. Animated 3D model will involve the attention of users with its uncommonness. With the help of it you can show the thoroughfare plan, parking places, infrastructure, and everything you want.

The Mapia project offers 3D placement in a complex:

  • Model development
  • Model placement on the map
  • Model placement on the map of your site (a model can be integrated with the help of API)

Map page branding

Map page branding consists in the placement of company branding in the the query string on the right of it (it can be animated as well). It also consists in the branded issue of the company products sale (on the left panel with the transition to the profiles of sales points and its representation on a map in the form of a branded mark).

Брендирование поиска

Pop-up на кнопке печати

By using “Print” function, a user sees a branded pop-up, and after that the print page with a branded header appears.

Category branding

On site there is the possibility of category branding in the catalogues of companies. (corporate colors, banner, first positions in category, logotypes, additional branding elements on underlay).

Flash objects on a map

Flash object on a map can move, jump, and take user to a certain place. They act according to prescribed script.

Contextual non standards

Streets context: by searching for the streets or address, the informer appears in search results. This informer shows the distance to the nearest place of a company. The logo of a company appears as well.

Route making context: When a user makes a route on Mapia map, it is offered to visit your company on the way. The function “Make a route through” is available as well. It allows user to make a route with visiting your company.


Купон на скидку

Cooperation of users is implemented for the profitable results of advertisers. Download the coupon and get discount, fill in a form and take part in the action.