Before using, please read the terms of the agreement carefully, as accepting it, you agree with all described rules and undertake to follow it. Mapia LLC, the owner of site, reserves the right to make alterations in Terms of Service without prior notification. The alterations become effective since the day of the publication of new Terms of Service on website.

1. Definition of terms and conditions:

The use of such pronouns as “you”, “your”, “yours” refers to you as website user. “We”, “us”, “our” refer to the company and the employees of Mapia LLC

Company is natural or legal person, which is the object of management.

Profile is the page of site, which contains information about the Company and may include (but not be limited by) the name of the Company, the kind of activities, the address of the Company, email and website address, the description of a Company, the description of the products and services of a Company, the logo of a Company, photographs and videos.

Cabinet is the client part of the software of site, which allows you to create, change or delete the information about a Company, to choose the ways of the advertising and promotion of Profiles, to follow the statistics of Profile visiting and to pay our services.

Site is specialized cartographic portal, which was developed and placed by us in the Internet at the address

Certificate is an electronic document, which you can buy on our Site and which gives you an opportunity to receive certain services from Companies with discount. A Certificate contains the infortaion about the Company, the service and the conditions of the services and the unique code. In order to receive a discount you need to present the printed-out Certificate to the representative of the Company.

2. Definition of services

The range of our services includes the ability to register and create an account that gives you access to various sections and site features. On the Site there are two types of accounts:

  • a. Personal account. This type of account means personal use of the Site. You will need this type of account to write reviews on the site about Companies that registered on our site and buy Certificates.
  • b. Business account. This type of account is used by company representatives to access the section of the website "Cabinets". To get a business account you must be the employee of a Company, which you want to submit or have the rights to represent the interests of a Company with the permission of the head of a Company.

In order to receive access to Personal account, you need to register - you can create a new account on the Site or you may use your Facebook, Twitter or Vkontakte account, if it is present. New registration on the Site requires your personal data.

To have the Business account access, you need to register and point your data, which confirms your right to act as the representative of a Company, and authorize that is to pass the process of analyzing of given data and the confirmation of the right to the Cabinet access. We reserve the right to deny your access to the Cabinet, in case if your right to act for the Company representative will not be confirmed during the authorization.

We are not responsible for the misuse of your login information on this site by third parties. Any work with the Site and information on it, carried out on your behalf (with your registration data), is certainly carried out by you personally.

During your work with the website, we provide customer support services at e-mail: [email protected] for common questions, e-mail: support @ for Cabinet questions, e-mail: [email protected] for Certificate questions. For support you can also write us a review using the feedback form. Support is available from 9:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding the holidays determined by the legislation of Ukraine. The help may include: explanation of the principles and elements of the Site and the Cabinet, the procedures of moderation, the formation of content according to accepted standards, assisting in the use of the Site and the Cabinet, taking applications for the removal of technical problems, help in Certificate purchase. By creating an account, you agree to receive some information related to the Site from us. For example, you may receive news about the new site or report on the work of the Cabinet. You can opt out of this information at any time by contacting us by e-mail [email protected]

In addition, by creating an account, you agree that we get, store, use your personal login information, including by transferring such data to third parties, but solely for the operation and maintenance of the functionality of the Site. More details about the confidentiality of data are described in Privacy Policy.

3. Cost of services

The registration, creation of an account, writing reviews, the Cabinet access and customer support is realized for free.

Inside the Cabinet you get the access to basic and additional services of the Cabinet. The basic services of the Cabinet are:

  • a. the possibility of creation, editing and deleting the information about the Company, which includes the name, address, telephone number, email address, working hours, the kind of activity, description, location on a map, logo, photos and videos.
  • b. the view of the statistics for selected period by the number of Company profile visitings is implemented by Site users.

The access to basic services of the Cabinet is given to you right after the authorization free of charge.

Additional services of the Cabinet are given for and after the payment. The rate is pointed together with the description of services on the pages of “Rates and payment” and “Promotion” sections of the Cabinet. Additional paid services are given on terms of Public offer.

The cost of a Certificate is indicated on the page of the corresponding deal from a Company at the time of purchase. The purchase is regulated by the rules of Public offer.

Customer support service during the working in the Cabinet is given free of charge as well.

4. Placement of information and moderation

The placement of information on the Site, whether the information of a Company, which is placed by you by means of the Cabinet, or comments about a Company, must be implement in accordance to Content Guidelines.

The information of the Company you represent, which is placed and corrected by you, becomes available on the Site for other users right after the moderation that is the check of placed and corrected information for the purpose of its correspondence with Content Guidelines. Moderation process may last to 5 days since the moment of placement or correction of information. In case of successful passing of moderation, the information will be published on the Site.

The information placed by you, becomes available on the Site as a comment on a Company, right after the publication. Moderation process takes place after the publication of information.

We reserve the right to refuse you to place or correct the information, if it does not correspond to Content Guidelines and contradict to current legislation of Ukraine. Nevertheless, the check of the information you place, does not implement without fail, therefore we are not responsible for content including mistakes and inaccuracies, which were made during the placing of information, and any pecuniary and intangible losses, which you or third parties had in this connection.

The information placed by you and published on the Site becomes public. We are not responsible for the use of this information by third parties, including its playback or dissemination on the other sites or carriers.

All the information placed on the Site is considered to be the property of users, which have placed it till then there are no reasons to consider differently. Users are not given with any rights to use information, which was placed by other users, and they are responsible to a user for illegal use.

We may use the information placed by you in a different ways, including (but not being limited by) public representation on the site, moderation and reformatting, using with the advertising of our services, the promotion of information, the making of new products on the base of own products, translation into other languages, etc. By placing the information on the Site, you give us non-exclusive not payable rights to use it by the ways described above all over the world. You also give other users a right of access to your information, according to Privacy Policy.

5. Duties of a user

You are obliged not to create more than 2 accounts on the Site, the one is for Personal account, and another one is for Business account. We reserve the right to deny your access to Personal account or Business account, if you are already registered on the Site.

At the time of the registration of Business account, you must give precise and exhaustive information about you and the company, on behalf of which you will work in the Cabinet, for the successful procedure of the authorization, and also you must give additional data by our request in case of need. We have the right to deny your access to the Cabinet, if you do not pass the authorization, in other words, we will not confirm your right to place the information about a company.

By placing the information, you have to follow Content Guidelines.

By accepting these Terms of Service, you are obliged to guarantee and be responsible for the correspondence of given information to current legislation of Ukraine.

By using the Site and our services, you are obliged not to change, adapt, recreate, disseminate, translate, make the other products out of the information, represent publicly, sell or do something else with the information, placed by us and other users on the Site, except the cases described in these Terms of Service.

You are obliged not to delete the signs of copyright, trademarks or other signs, which define the rights of Mapia LLC or third parties to the content, which is placed by you on the Site or by using the content, placed on the Site.

You guarantee that you will not try to obtain unauthorized access to our services, accounts of other users, and also to spread viruses by using the Site, and use software, which may break the correct work of our Site.

If you have suddenly stopped having the right to be the representative of a company by the reason of job change or any other, you must hand over the access to the Cabinet to another representative or close the account.

6. Liability limit


The Site services are represented as they are. You use our services at your discretion and peril. We do not guarantee the absolute uninterruptedness and faultlessness of the Site working, and the safety of the information you place or your Profile. In case of using the additional payable services, we guarantee the periodic safe of the information placed by you. We make every effort to save the information of the users who use additional payable services, but we do not guarantee the safe of the information in the case of force majeure.

Force majeure is defined as external emergency, which arise through no fault of us and yours, as we and you would not wish or despite the wishes, and which cannot be foreseen and prevented, including (but not being limited by) natural and biological calamities, the conditions of social life, the issue of the prohibitive and limitative normative acts of public authority or local government, other legal or illegal prohibitions or limitative measures of the bodies described above, which make our and your compliance with the agreement impossible or temporarily prevent from its implementation.

IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES CAUSED TO YOU OR THIRD PARTIES, AS A RESAULT OF THE USE OF OUR SERVICES BY YOU. You are fully responsible for compliance with all requirements of Ukrainian legislation concerning the form and content of the information you place, and you are obliged to solve the arguments and settle the claims of third parties concerning the placed information on your own and at your own expense, and also to recover our losses in connection with claims and actions, which appeared because of the placement of your information on site. You are fully responsible for the safety of your access password to the Cabinet, and for the losses, which may appear by the reason of its unauthorized use.

You fully take into consideration and agree that:

  • a. We are not responsible for the quality of connection channels, which provide the access to the Site and Cabinet, and for the harm done to your computer owing to downloading information from the Site.
  • b. Our site may contain links to other sites and applications. We do not control and we are not responsible for the availability and content of other sites. You use other sites at your own risk.
  • c. We do not guarantee the absence of errors and failures of the Site and Cabinets, but we make every effort for its removal in the shortest time.
  • d. We do not guarantee that services will meet your requirements, and it will be provided continuously and accurately.

We reserve the right to deny and block your access to Personal account or Business account, if you are the user of basic services at our discretion. We may deny or block the access to the Cabinet for the users of additional payable services by the reasons described below:

  • a. The breach of copyright of third parties by placing the information in Profile, and on demand of right holders for the discontinuance of breach;
  • b. The breach of other rights or vested interests of third parties and their complaints by placing the information;
  • c. Systematic breaches of Content Guidelines;
  • d. The breach of current legislation of Ukraine and the receipt of proper resolutions of regulative bodies;
  • e. At the request of the Head of the Company, of which you are, and the information you are placing.

7. Privacy

The rules of the Site privacy are in accordance with Privacy Policy.

8. Final provisions

We may translate these Terms of Service into other languages for the convenience of our users. However, exactly the Russian version of agreement regulates our relations.

By agreeing to the rules of Terms of Service, you confirm you do it voluntarily, you have completely looked through the conditions of the agreement, and you understand the subject of the agreement.