The project of was launced in August, 2008. Today Mapia is a successful company where the team of professionals work. In the middle of 2009 the company was valued 2 500 000 US dollars, in the end of that year the company earned its first million and got a major share of Internet Audience that is quite uncommon for the startup in Ukrainian Internet. At the beginning of 2010 (for six months) Internet traffic has increased by 400%, and sales have doubled. A year later, we have not only increased our achievements, but have extended the features of the resource with the mobile version, cabinets for advertisers, new design, interesting articles and activities for Euro 2012. And these are not all projects we have developed. The reasons are invariable. We know our business and we do only what we really like to do. We like to do our work in comfortable, simple and profitable ways. After three years working at such a pace, we formed our goal loud and clear – to develop the value of high quality national product of a world-class in Ukrainian Internet community.

By these reasons our company does not work with consultants, who do not confirm their advices with the experience of an influential result, does not employ persons who do not care where they want to work, does not offer clients useless things, does not implement unprofitable services, does not define weird goals that no one can understand them, and does not create bureaucratic pseudo-optimizers. And also we think cautiously of people who have a negative attitude to "not" particle.

Our company was founded by experienced investors from Germany and Poland (just google it and you will see). It works within the fast emerging and high-tech Internet market, makes money, increases the audience, loves clients, respects partners and appreciates employees. The company pays constant and competitive salaries, gives comfortable workplaces, makes corporate parties, offers coffee and tea, and regards with favor by any private circumstances. Meanwhile, Mapia is not a charity organization, therefore an employee should work for the benefit of the company.

If you still read this page, we can probably find a common language with you, though it cannot be guaranteed until our first meeting or interview. Because of a serious staff broadening, we have made a list of vacancies. We need smart and ambitious people who have an adequate reaction to different work situations, and who can use these situations for a good cause. Some other organizations have harm-doers and it is not considered as their competitive advantage.

There are vacancies of Mapia LLC listed below. We get a lot of resumes and it considerably loads the work of our HR department. And that is why we ask our job candidates to read the requirements carefully, and send your resume only in a case if you meet these requirements. This approach will economize your and our time and strength.

Vacancies Available:

Currently there are no open vacancies.