Cultural program in Yalta

28 November 2011

Besides the summer sun, the blue sea, numerous amusement institutions, and tourists, the small resort town of Yalta is famous for its museums, theaters and monuments of architecture. And if you find yourself in Yalta not in summertime, you surely won’t be bored.


Gallery "Art-Usadba"

Yalta city, Sechenova str., 3 c10

(0654) 31-80-39

Galleries and Museums

Gallery of Modern Art. A wide range of Ukrainian artists, painters from near and far abroad. Admission is free.


Literary-memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka

city Yalta, str. Ekaterinskaya, 8

(0654) 32-55-25

Sightseeing places

The museum exposition presents lifetime editions of works of Lesia Ukrainka, relatives pictures, furniture, Ukrainian national costumes, pictures of late XIX - early XX centuries.


Yalta state historical-literature museum

city Yalta, str. Pushkinskaya, 5A

(065) 432-30-65

Sightseeing places

The museum includes the departments of archeology, history, culture of Yalta of XIX - early XX centuries, the department of exhibitions. Opening hours: 10.00 - 17.00.


Chekhov house-museum

Yalta city, Kirova str., 112

(0654) 39-49-47

Sightseeing places

Autographs of Anton Chekhov, lifetime editions of his works, photographs and personal belongings of Anton Pavlovich, business cards and photos with inscriptions of artists, actors, writers of contemporary of Chekhov. Opening hours: 10.00-17.00. Closed on Monday.


Yalta museum "Poliana kazok"

city Yalta, Vinogradnoe. Yauza, 28

(065) 439-64-02

Sightseeing places

Exhibition of applied decorative art: more than 200 sculptures of fairytale characters, made by Crimean sculptors, carvers of wood and stone.


Theater of marine animals "Akvatoriia"

city Yalta, village Vinogradnoe, Bakhchisarajskoe shose, 17a

(0654) 26-10-13
(095) 134-55-22


Sea animals are on a par with people-artists, improvising on a course of action.


Chekhov Yalta theater

Yalta city, Ekaterinskaya str., 13

(0654) 27-25-00


"Theater. Chekov. Yalta." festival is held in the theater every year. Screenings of masterpieces of world cinema as well.


Cafe "Teatr"

Yalta city, Ekaterinskaya str., 13

(065) 427-25-00

Cafes and Restaurants

The classic interior of the hall, expensive Italian furniture, clean lines of marble columns. 2 rooms, summer terrace.


Concert hall "Yuvileinyi"

Yalta city, Chernomorskii ln., 2

(065) 423-05-78

Concert halls

Concerts, festivals and contests take place in the concert hall constantly.


Yalta seafront

city Yalta, emb. Lenina

Sightseeing places

The central street of Yalta. The symbol of the city.


Lastochkino gnezdo

city Yalta, Ai-Todor cape

Sightseeing places

There is an Italian restaurant, and excursions are conducted here as well.


Livadia palace

city Yalta, urban village Livadia

(0654) 31-55-81 (tour desk)
(0654) 31-55-79 (reception)

Sightseeing places

The former summer residence of Tsar Nicholas II. Opening hours: 9.00-18.00. Tickets: Adults - 40 UAH, children - 20 UAH.


Cinema "Spartak"

city Yalta, str. Marshaka, 9

(0654) 27-34-84 (cash)
(0654) 27-20-20 (answerphone)
(0654) 27-25-25 (answerphone)


The largest 3D cinema of Southern coast of Crimea.


Museum of Pre-revolutionary Culture in Yalta

Yalta city, Ekaterinskaya str., 8

(0654) 32-16-34

Sightseeing places

One of the divisions of the State Historical-Literary Museum of Yalta.

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