Let us go to the beach? Overview of Yalta beaches.

07 June 2012

What is most attracted to Yalta resort guests? Of course, sea and sun. The beautiful beaches of Yalta will help you to enjoy them fully. In Yalta, there are so many different beaches, both private and public urban as "wild" and comfortable. All of them are very popular among the inhabitants and guests of the city.


Massandra beach

city Yalta, str. Drazhinskogo, 31G, Massandra beach


Attracts visitors in the first place convenient location (located on the left of the embankment), and various entertainments. The beach is inherently very different. It includes VIP sector and parts of the coast where there is a shareware and free entrance.


Beach of hotel "Yalta"

Yalta city, Drazhinskogo str., 50

(0654) 27-02-60


The most comfortable on the South Coast of Crimea (elevator to the sea), equipped with sunbeds, sunshades, sun loungers, umbrellas (extra charge), there are changing rooms, toilets, showers pavilions, luggage storage, a chain of bars and restaurants with varying cuisine (Georgian, Tatar , European, Italian, Chinese, etc.), rental of beach equipment.


Beach "Dolphin"

city Yalta, pass. Parkovyi, 16, Park "Primorski"


Beach "Dolphin" is divided into four sectors, three of which are free, and the fourth private (paid beach or beach luxury). The private part is attached to the nearby sanatorium. All sectors are equipped with free access to the free showers, changing rooms and toilets. On the beach is a rescue service.


Beach "Prymorskyi"

city Yalta, Park "Primorski", for the hotel "Oreanda"


Located near the hotel "Oreanda." Reasons for popularity: convenient location, a large number of various entertainment and attractions. As in Massandra beach, there are VIP-zone. (Beach is located at the end of the seafront of Yalta).


Beach of pension "Donbass"

city Yalta, str. Drazhinskogo, 35, Beach of pension "Donbass"


Small-pebble beach, is 460 meters of the coastal zone and built in three tiers (descent to the cable car - 5 minutes). Equipped with canopies, sun loungers. There are boat rentals, fishing boats, water bikes, motorcycles, aerosolyary, medical center, a summer bar. On the beach is a diving center. Introductory dive costs 300 UAH. Wonderful clean and comfortable beach, not very many people compared to other beaches of Yalta. It borders the beach, HC "Yalta" Visiting beach of pension "Donbass" is 20 UAH. For residents of villages located in the soviet Massandra, admission is free. The beach is clean and well equipped, there are recreational facilities: a large number of cabins for changing clothes, tennis tables, tents, trestle beds.


Beach of pension "Pribrezhnyi"

town Vidradne, ул. Мориса Тореза, 5, beach of pension "Pribrezhnyi"


It is located in three kilometers from Yalta. On the beach you will find the bar, hire jet skis and bicycles. Beach of pension Pribrezhnyi is considered one of the best in Yalta. There is a section for parents with children recreation and VIP-beach. Spacious, clean, landscaped canopies, sun beds and showers, summer beaches.


Beach of Art center "Aktor"

city Yalta, str. Drazhinskogo, 35, Beach of Art center "Aktor"


With two indoor aero tanning beds, stretching over 110 meters. Showers and locker rooms, a large selection of rental equipment (chairs, umbrellas, boat, hydrofoil boats, jet skis, windsurfing, aqualung, catamarans, boats).


Beach of Hotel "Oreanda"

city Yalta, emb. Lenina, 35/2, Beach of Hotel "Oreanda"

(0654) 27-42-48


Cosy chaise lounges with soft mattresses, umbrellas, changing-booths, showers and safety, provided by the professional life-guards are at the guests` service. At the beach rental guests can hire air bags and air beds, balls, flippers and masks. For our little guests we offer armlets, swimming boards and a sand-box with a lot of toys.


Beach of resort "Russia"

city Yalta, str. Kommunarov, 12, Beach of resort "Russia"


Go to the beach of sanatorium Russia can go down the stairs or the elevator. Own beach, pebble, as well as the entire southern coast, is equipped with deck chairs, couch, a coffee shop on the beach, showers and toilets.


Beach of resort "Chernomorye"

town Livadiia, str. Vinogradnaya, 12, Beach of resort "Chernomorye"


Pebble beach, which consists of seven sectors, with a length of 415 meters of shore facilities for up to 600 guests, has 30 shady canopies and 950 sunbeds, is located 100 meters from the buildings and connected by funicular. Also, to the beach you can stroll along the pedestrian path walk will take about 7-10 minutes. Medical beach is well equipped for the proper reception of climatic processes, equipped with special tents and awnings, changing rooms, lounges. There are medical and informational items, boat station, cafe.

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