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Встречаем день влюбленных в самом романтичном городе мира - Венеции.
Карнавал, веселье, танцы, конкурсы, фотографии, экскурсии, полный автобус молодежи. Не пропусти самое ожидаемое путешествие этой зимы!


Typography "Askay"

A wide range of services, professional approach to work, efficient execution of orders.



The new clinic in Pechersk!


Travel agency "Dariya"

Only the best and quality holiday!

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Internet-shop «Дешевле НЕТ!»

city Kyiv, per. Krasnoarmeysky 14

(044) 360-03-06

Household appliances and electronics


city Kyiv, st. Engineering, 37

(044) 337-71-98

Language courses

Repair of equipment

city Kyiv, st. Michael Dragomanov, 31

(063) 619-33-48
(097) 484-00-81
(044) 331-45-34

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The big bell tower of Lavra is tilted 62 cm North-East.

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