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Photoround to Europe from touroperator TAM

Встречаем день влюбленных в самом романтичном городе мира - Венеции.
Карнавал, веселье, танцы, конкурсы, фотографии, экскурсии, полный автобус молодежи. Не пропусти самое ожидаемое путешествие этой зимы!


Hobbistayl - shop fashion crafts

Максимально полный ассортимент товаров для рукоделия и литература по разным видам творчества.


Typography "Askay"

A wide range of services, professional approach to work, efficient execution of orders.



The new clinic in Pechersk!

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Ok Clinics - Medical Center

city Kyiv, Kharkiv highway, 121, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №1, 1st floor ward housing.

(044) 564-66-82
(050) 775-62-75
(068) 944-96-51

Hospitals and medical centers


city Kyiv, st. Bukovina, 3

Finishing works

Avis Furniture

city Kyiv, st. Miropolskaya 2, (the market "Youth", pavilion № 36)

(067) 770-02-77
(044) 209-01-74
(066) 716-94-23
(093) 860-86-87


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The oldest existing house in Kyiv was built in 1873 and is situated at ul. Kreschatik, 40/1.

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