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Hobbistayl - shop fashion crafts

Максимально полный ассортимент товаров для рукоделия и литература по разным видам творчества.


Travel agency "Dariya"

Only the best and quality holiday!


Restaurant "Amber"

Демократические условия!
Гибкая система скидок!

Специальное банкетное предложение по доступным ценам.


Typography "Askay"

A wide range of services, professional approach to work, efficient execution of orders.

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Allianz Ukraine

city Kyiv, city Kyiv, str. Degtyarevskaya, 21G

(044) 499-77-00

Insurance companies

Workshop "Tapok"

city Kyiv, highway Kharkovskoye, 19, ТРК "Мегасити", 1 этаж

(093) 577-48-48
(066) 095-94-24

Repair shops

First center of children dental services "Kids Dental"

city Kyiv, emb. Dneprovskaya, 26G

(044) 585-34-85
(066) 199-45-63
(068) 334-85-09

Dental offices

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In Jyly of 1859 the first non-official newspaper of Kyiv - "Kyiv telegraph" was printed.

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