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Buying air conditioner in Kharkov

24 October 2011
Global warming process makes every Ukrainian summer hotter than previous. Summer comes, and this means that in our houses and apartments will become unbearably hot. Of course, you can hide from the heat in the woods or on the river, but it is very problematic to live there, so the only right way to deal with the heat is air conditioner. collected a very cool list of stores where you can buy air conditioner.

Where to buy tourist equipment?

24 October 2011
Tourism can be of different kinds, for someone it is camping in the woods with a tent, for someone in the mountains, others prefer to travel by bicycle. Whichever way you chose, exactly known, that without equipment it would be difficult to manage. Selection of equipment can be facilitated by hike to the tourist shop, carefully studying the showcases can help to make a list of necessary and useful things that you may have forgotten or didn't even know about their existence. Specially on the eve of the summer season we have made a selection of shops of tourist equipment of Kharkov.

Businesses on the list: Shop "Mandrivnyk", Shop "Travelers Club", Shop "Extrem Style", Internet-shop "Unisport" and 9 more companies...


Office worker day

24 October 2011
Friday! Isn't it a gladness? When the working day ends you can go light step to some pub with your jacket over your shoulder, so to spend a good time and to say good-bye to the ordinary everyday life. We picked up establishments that will meet you with a crowd of people, alcohol in quantities and fun. Intoxicating amber beer and tasty snacks will give an opportunity to enjoy the evening and reward yourself for all the work.

Gifts for March 8?

24 October 2011
March 8 - International Women's Day. Day when every woman simply must feel herself beloved, only and closest. That is time for men to think about what to present for their lovely ladies. Our selection of the most necessary and interesting gifts that Kharkov shops offer will help you.

Where to spend Valentine's Day?

24 October 2011
February 14 - Valentine's Day which is celebrated around the world. Couples present gifts to each other, organize romantic dinners, read poetry to their sweethearts, and most importantly - spend this day together. We will prompt you the most interesting places where you can spend it.
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