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Gift and souvenir shop

24 October 2011
Do you look for the gifts for friends, relatives or colleagues? Or you`re in Kharkiv and you want to buy something as a keepsake? Then we offer you the list of shops where you can buy the souvenirs for any taste, starting from Cossack Russian dolls to Parker pens. In a word, there are the gifts for children or business partners.

Entertainment hotels in Kharkiv

24 October 2011
In the modern hotels it`s possible not only to stay over, but to spend a time with the use. A lot of hotels have pool, gym, sauna, restaurant, and some of it even have a cinema. So when you choose the hotel, look through the whole infrastructure. Maybe you`ll want to swim at 12 o`clock at night or to go in for sports after the hearty supper in the gym ever since the morning.

Businesses on the list: Hotel "Chichikov", Hotel "Myr", Hotel "Kharkiv", Hotel "Rudnieva" and 7 more companies...


Kharkiv hotels with the Internet access

13 October 2011
Many things became necessary in today`s life, though everyone could do without it before. So, this is the progress and everything changes and develops. One of these necessary things became Wi-Fi. When you are in Kharkiv on a business trip or vacation, you may choose the hotel, where the wireless Internet access is available.

Businesses on the list: Hotel "Cosmopolit", Hotel "Viktoriia", Hotel "Myr", Business-hotel "Avrora" and 5 more companies...


Authentic local sights in Kharkiv

08 October 2011

If Kharkiv is not the city you are going to visit, you lose much! You certainly will not find here seascapes, and the center of the city was not designated as World Heritage Site. But there are some sights you will never find it out from guides or yellow pages. You have to be the native resident of Kharkiv or at list to live there for some period to know the right way towards fridge. Is it interesting? So here is a short list of some secrets of Kharkiv.

Businesses on the list: Constitution square, Terraced square and -2 more companies...


Live music restaurants in Kharkiv

08 October 2011

It is a pleasant thing to drink wine and listen to the bluesy rhythms. Soft sounding makes your soul to relax and feel better. Or maybe you prefer stirring Latino music? It does not matter.

It is possible to choose a public house with live music for your taste today. If you want to celebrate a holiday being too tired of disco, then choose a bar or restaurant with your favorite music and enjoy it!

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